Now ISIS orders bloodthirsty fanatics to target CHILDREN in the West

ISLAMIC State has called on its warped followers to target CHILDREN in a series of devastating lone wolf terror attacks.

Terror bosses called for the massacres using the encrypted Telegram app – just six months after cowardly Salman Abedi killed 22 when he detonated a bomb at the Manchester Arena.

Anti-terror experts at SITE Intelligence Group said the call to arms is "revenge" for airstrikes killing Syrian tots.

A spokesman said: "A pro-ISIS group calling itself Al-Qastantiyyah Foundation called on lone wolf jihadists in the West, and America, Australia, and Europe in particular, to kill children in revenge for child victims of airstrikes in Syria."

The twisted request comes after the terror group lost key positions in Syria and Iraq following a devastating series of attacks by a US-led coalition Britain, Australia, Germany, France and Denmark.

Liberating forces have already taken back de facto jihadi capital Raqqa, while Mosul was liberated earlier this year.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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