NYC school superintendents livid over Carranza furlough flap

They gave him an F in basic courtesy.

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza angered DOE superintendents Wednesday when he failed to tell them they were furloughed during a conference call — and only later informed them via email, sources said.

The omission infuriated already overwhelmed administrators — some of whom broke down in tears during an emotional follow-up meeting with another top DOE official.

“There is just a real feeling of disrespect right now,” said one participant. “You would think he would at least make mention of it in some way. We are senior people out on the front lines right now.”

Frustrations were already high during the Wednesday call with Carranza after he directed superintendents to hurriedly gauge updated school staffing needs.

For some of the administrators, this meant wrangling fresh numbers from up to 50 principals in a matter of hours.

“Things are piling on top of each other,” the superintendent said. “People are reaching a breaking point.”

The city is furloughing 9,000 non-unionized workers for a total of five days in response to coronavirus-related budget woes. Superintendents are not unionized.

Teachers and principals are represented by organized labor and were not subject to City Hall’s furloughs.

Superintendents boiled over Thursday morning on a conference call with new First Deputy Chancellor Donald Conyers, who attempted to salve their frustration amid ongoing school reopening upheaval.

Sources said some of the participants cried during the meeting.

A DOE spokesperson said Thursday the agency informed staffers about the furloughs in as timely a manner as possible.

“Our Superintendents are invaluable leaders for our schools, and are playing a critical function in helping schools safely and successfully reopen their doors,” said Miranda Barbot. “This is an uncertain and demanding challenge at every level, and we appreciate everyone who is rising to the occasion to do their jobs for our students. Our aim is always to share information with as many details as we can as soon as we have it, and the unfortunate news about furloughs was no different.”

Carranza and other top DOE leaders are subject to the furlough, Barbot said.

Roughly 540,000 kids are expected to begin some form of classroom learning on Tuesday.

But with many schools whittling down their provision of live teaching to minimal levels, some speculate that more parents will opt for a fully remote format in the coming weeks.

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