Olympian comes home to find dog sitter with two shirtless men, lube and camera

An Olympic gold medallist who used an app to find a dog sitter came home to find the woman with two shirtless men, a bottle of lube and a video camera.

Klete Keller, 36, was stunned when he found two strange men on his sofa – stained with "bodily fluids" – at 1am with the sitter and his dog nowhere to be seen.

She was having a shower and the dog, Jimbo, was locked in a bedroom, where he was terrified and sat in his own urine.

But things got even more ridiculous when the sitter tried to explain, telling local media that her keys were stuck in her car and the men had helped her free them using the lube.

Mr Keller, a swimmer who has retired from competitive events, found the bizarre scene when he arrived at his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the early hours of Monday.

He asked the men to leave, and then noticed the things they had with them.

He told Fox 21: "There was an open bottle of personal lubricant and a camcorder on the end table, so it’s pretty self-explanatory what was going on.

"There is also, what I can only assume, are bodily fluids on the couch."

Mr Keller had used the Wag! app to find a sitter and decided on the woman because she had a rating of 4.96 out of five after more than 300 dog walks and sittings.

She was having a shower in the bathroom and Jimbo was in a room with the door closed.

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Mr Keller said the house was a mess and there was a foul smell inside.

But the dog sitter told Fox 21 that the men had helped her after she couldn’t get her keys out of her car.

The woman, who wasn’t named in the report, said: "To be completely honest, I didn’t have WD-40 and my keys were stuck in my car, so I ended up grabbing what I had in my car, for things, that you know, I do on my personal time and I didn’t think to put it back in my car."

She said she didn’t know anything about the "bodily fluids" on the sofa, claiming she took a shower and sat on the couch in a towel before her "friends" arrived.

Los Angeles-based Wag! – known as the ‘Uber for dogs’ – has said it has launched an investigation and suspended the woman from the app.

All users go through identity and criminal background checks before they are permitted to use the app, the tech firm said.

Mr Keller won five Olympic medals for the US during his career, competing in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Summer Games.

At the 2004 Games in Athens, he anchored the gold medal-winning 4x200m freestyle relay team that included Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.

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