Paedophile ‘real Narcos’ gang boss gleefully recalls decapitating dog

Paedophile ‘British Narcos’ gang boss gleefully recalls chopping off a dog’s HEAD and putting it on pub pool table as documentary lifts lid on the rise and fall of his British criminal family

  • Dominic Noonan and siblings Desmond and Damien ran Manchester’s gangland
  • Brothers made £50,000-a-night dealing drugs while bouncers at the Hacienda
  • Dominic beheaded a rival’s dog and warned: ‘It will be a human head next time’
  • He is in prison for 22 years for arson, blackmail and abusing boys as young as ten
  • Desmond, the Noonan hitman linked to 25 murders, stabbed to death in 2005
  • Damien, family’s policeman and peacemaker, died in a 2003 motorcycle crash

A paedophile gangster whose criminal empire with his two brothers earned them the nickname Britain’s ‘real Narcos’ decapitated a rival’s dog and warned: ‘It will be a human head next time’, a new documentary revealed today.

Dominic Noonan and his siblings Desmond and Damien had a stranglehold on Manchester’s drugs trade for two decades having started as bouncers at the city’s Hacienda nightclub.

They would eventually make £50,000-a-night selling pills on the door and by day grabbed at least £6million in cash by holding up security vans.

In a new Channel 5 show it is revealed that Dominic beheaded a dog to protect their drugs business and slammed it on the owner’s pool table in a Manchester pub.

With a grin he says: ‘I told them to stay away from the Hacienda or it would be a human head next time – and they never came back’. 

This is the moment Manchester gangster Dominic Noonan smiled as he described decapitating a rival’s dog before warning: ‘It will be a human head next time’

A new documentary to be broadcast on Channel 5 tonight has a recreation of Noonan slamming the dog’s head on a pool table (pictured)

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The gangsters would soon be linked to every murder in the south of Manchester in the 1990s, starting with the assassination of their main drugs rival ‘White Tony’ Johnson in 1991.

They openly admitted having ‘no fear’ of the police because they ‘had more guns than the poor b*****ds’.

Some of Manchester’s residents protected the Noonan brothers from the police because they dealt with their disputes and gave money back to the community.

Dominic Noonan was found guilty of 13 historical child sex offences this year having already been jailed for arson and blackmail

A new documentary called The Real Narcos: Manchester’s Narco Kings will be broadcast tonight and explores their life in crime.

Two of them would be killed and the third is in jail for arson, blackmail and abusing four boys as young as ten.

At the height of their power they appeared untouchable and Bob Dunbar, who worked for Greater Manchester Police at the time, told Channel 5: ‘The Noonan brothers were involved with gang culture, drugs and beatings. It became almost legendary that if you went to a club, the brothers would be on the door’.

By 2011 their criminal empire had collapsed but only after 20 years of terrorising Manchester.

The family first gained notoriety in Manchester after the murder of ‘White Tony’ Johnson, the leader of the Cheetham Hill Gang, who was gunned down in 1991.

He was shot dead in the car park of the Penny Black pub – Desmond Noonan, who has since been linked to 25 murders, was put on trial for the murder but acquitted.

Desmond, who was known as ‘Dessie’, appeared in a 2005 documentary film by investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre in which he boasted he had ‘more guns than the police’.

Desmond Noonan (left) was stabbed to death in 2005 after becoming addicted to crack cocaine while Damien Noonan (right) was the head bouncer of the former Hacienda nightclub in Manchester where they made £50,000-a-night selling drugs. He died in 2003

Dessie, the family hitman, was stabbed to death days before the film was due to be aired after getting addicted to crack cocaine himself.

His funeral cortège, watched by 5,000 local mourners and including 40 limousines, was led by a pipe band of retired policemen and off-duty firemen.

Traveller and bare-knuckle fighter ‘Paddy’ Doherty was friends with Damien, describing him as a ‘first rate gangster’ and ‘the best of the best’ who kept the Noonans under control until he died in 2003

Domenyk’s other brother Damien was the head bouncer of the former Hacienda nightclub in Manchester.

Traveller and bare-knuckle fighter ‘Paddy’ Doherty was friends with Damien, describing him as a ‘first rate gangster’, ‘the best of the best’ and a ‘gentleman’ with a ‘ruthless streak’.

Merseyside gangster Stephen French, whose nickname was ‘the Devil’, says Damien was a ‘UN peacekeeper’ and ‘policeman’ keeping order in Manchester and elsewhere across the country, and was a Robin Hood-type figure who would share money with his community.

But the most level-headed Noonan was killed in a motorbike accident in the Dominican Republic in 2003 aged 37.

Jason Coghlan, a friend and associate of Damien, described one attack on rivals and said: ‘It was a Bank Holiday. We’d had a record breaking weekend and The Hacienda were doing something special on a Monday night. This firm had made their intentions clear. They were going to come down and do what they wanted.

‘So we were ready. We were all game and capable of defending our territory.’

He said: ‘Everyone was getting battered, stabbed, gunshots – everyone was trying to get out at once’

Dominic Noonan has changed his name in prison to Domenyk Lattlay-Fottfoy, with his new surname a tribute to his code of honour: ‘Look After Those That Look After You, F*** Off Those That F*** Off You’. 

Desmond (left) was the family hitman before his murder and was linked to 25 deaths and his brother Dominic took over until he was jailed (right)

He took the helm of the family after his brothers’ deaths, and went on to feature in more documentaries and a reality TV show called At Home with the Noonans.

The father-of-one, at 5ft 11in and weighing around 18st, has more than 40 convictions for offences including armed robbery, police assault, possession of firearms, prison escape and fraud.

He has already spent decades in prisons across Britain after being convicted of or suspected of dozens of offences. 

In 2005 he was locked up for nine and a half years after a revolver and ammunition were found under the bonnet of his Jaguar when police stopped him. 

And this year he was jailed for another 11 years after being found guilty of 13 historical sex offences against four young boys aged as young as ten. 

For decades, Noonan was suspected of being a predatory sex offender by the police, the public, fellow villains and even members of his own family.

But he did not have any criminal convictions for a sex offence to confirm the rumours – until May – when he was convicted of eight counts of indecent assault and attempted rape.

  • The Real Narcos: Manchester’s Narco Kings: Blood and Fear is on Channel 5 at 10pm tonight 


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