From penis selfies to voodoo spells, Sun Online reveals the weirdest and most dangerous items you can buy on the dark web

The dark web is only accessible through a special software that masks a user's internet identity and encrypts data making them virtually untraceable.

It sells a staggering array of illegal goods being traded openly online – ranging from child pornography or Class-A drugs, to guns and British passports.

A Sun Online probe this week found deadly poisons used to kill Russian spies were also available on the dark web's marketplaces.

As well as a string of dangerous weapons and drugs, sellers are also flogging a host of other bizarre items.

Here, Sun Online rounds up some of the weirder and terrifying things you can buy on the dark web.

Penis selfies

Self-conscious guys being asked for a nude selfie can buy an expertly edited one to look more blessed in the trouser department.

For just £15, one seller is offering the unique service on one of the dark web's many marketplaces.

The seller advertises it as: "Ever want to send a nude selfie to a prospective partner of yours but worried [about] your penis size?

"Forget using a creative camera angle, now you can instantly add inches to your nude selfie.

"Many adult entertainment companies hire graphic designers to slightly enhance a male performer's penis size in a photo shoot. Now everyone can have the same type of editing done on their own selfies."

Sex dolls

The dark web is full of sex dolls costing from around £1,000 upwards for those looking for a "special" woman in their lives.

But even if a female sex doll isn't your thing, market places offer sex doll "ladyboys".

For £1,086, you can buy a doll with "G-Cup breast size" and "normal penis size".

Buyers can even customise the 5ft 1ins "transsexual doll with big t*ts" to make her perfect.

Free food

One user is offering every pizza lover's dream – free Domino's.

The seller doesn't go into many details but it appears to be a how-to guide on getting a slice of the action.

But for just under £1, imagine how much money you could save on the takeaway treat overall.

It's also apparently "super easy", which helps.


A number of the marketplaces on the dark web offer hitmen services.

One is flogging a "professional assassin" to handle all your "dirty jobs" for £1,447.44.

The description reads: "Whether you want to kill your ex-wife, ex-husband, a business partner, some prison inmate or some other person, we have the right operatives for you.

"We have gang members, drug dealers, gun dealers and various operatives who are always ready to accept and execute new orders.

"Send a local gang member to beat up the person you need, give us the details and our operatives will beat him. Set cars and homes on fire. Guns. High quality guns and ammunition from ex-Soviet countries."


Guns are one of the biggest services available to buy on the dark web – with some marketplaces having thousands of listings ranging from Ak47s to Glocks.

But as well as grenades and guns, some sellers flog poison including deadly polonium 210 as our exclusive investigation shows.

Just one microgram can kill an average adult – making it 250,000 more toxic than hydrogen cyanide.


The dark web is a treasure trove of different illegal drugs including cocaine and MDMA.

But even more sinister is the chemicals being sold on different markets.

Although the purpose of the drugs aren't given, sellers will often advertise them under their chemical name.

Among these is gamma hydroxybutyrate, which a quick Google search will tell you is more commonly known as the date rape drug.


One user is selling "real Voodoo spells" – and guaranteeing same day results to "get your love life back".

The £361.70 "spell caster" boasts it holds the "most powerful spells and spiritual powers".

As the seller says: "Make the bond of love between you strong and unbreakable."


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