Pictures of Jeremy Corbyn at Palestinian terrorist gravesite explained

Holding the wreath. Copying prayers: The pictures that make a mockery of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who says: ‘I was present, but I don’t think I was involved’

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday admitted being at a 2014 ceremony for Tunisian ‘martyrs’, but added: ‘I don’t think I was actually involved in it.’ 

The Mail revealed that the men honoured were linked to the Munich massacre in which 11 Israelis were killed. 

Mr Corbyn has denied commemorating the terrorists but pictures of the event show him standing at the foot of their graves. 

Last night Labour said he had not laid a wreath on the graves of those linked to the massacre. 

Jeremy Corbyn is seen posing with a wreath under a distinctive red canopy as other politicians look on. This canopy runs alongside the graves of Salah Khalaf, Hayel Abdel-Hamid, Fakhri al-Omari and Atef Bseiso, three of whom have been linked to Black September, the group behind the 1972 atrocity at the Munich Olympic Games

Mr Corbyn appears to be adjusting the wreath, which is being held by Salman El Herfi, the Palestinian ambassador in Tunisia. He is still standing by the graves of the men linked to the terror attack

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Jeremy Corbyn raises his hands in what appears to be an Islamic prayer position as he stands beside other politicians. A source said he was not praying but ‘copying the others out of respect’

Mr Corbyn looks at a plaque which honours Khalaf, al-Omari and Abdel-Hamid. It describes them as ‘martyrs’ who were assassinated in 1991. A wreath that looks very similar to the one Mr Corbyn was holding in the earlier two photographs is seen beside the plaque, circled 

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