Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry for 'having 16 baths' while telling people 'imagine being a raindrop'

PIERS Morgan has today slammed Prince Harry for “having 16 baths” after he urged people to “imagine being a raindrop” in a woke documentary promotion video.

The Good Morning Britain host urged the royal to “practice what you preach” after he told the world to be “like raindrops” in order to “relieve the parched ground”.

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Harry stressed the importance of “putting the dos behind the says” when it comes to climate change during the launch of a new Netflix-style platform for environmental documentaries.

But Piers, 55, criticised the 36-year-old and pointed out that he has 16 bath tubs in his Californian mansion.

Piers worked out he would be using up to 72million drops of water if he used them all each day.

He also slammed him for using private planes “like a taxi service” and asked “what is he banging on about?”


Piers said he would “take the raindrop lectures better” if they “didn’t come from someone who used private planes like taxis”.

He then urged Harry to be a “raindrop” himself and to “practice what you preach”.

Piers said on GMB: “Somebody who is briefed properly is Prince Harry. I think we know where the briefings come from.

“He was back doing one of his hostage videos yesterday, telling us all that we should all be like a raindrop.

“Every one of us, ‘what if every single one of us was a raindrop’, he announced.

“This is to cure the world of global warming, obviously, from his Californian mansion, which coincidentally, talking of raindrops, has 16 bathrooms.

“Apparently each bath, I just calculated this, each bath uses 4.5million drops of water.

Shut down some of the baths. Stop using the private planes. What you’ve got to do mate, you’ve got to practice what you preach."

“Their 16 bathrooms, if they’re used every day, would use 72million drops of water a day.

“So when Prince Harry says what if every single one of us was a raindrop, well you’re currently using 72million drops of water every day.

“What about taking some of that and putting that on, what does he call it, the parched ground?”

Piers added: “What is he banging on about? Here’s how you can stop climate change issues, here’s how you can really help, Harry.

“I don’t mind being a raindrop if it makes you feel better, I’ll be a raindrop.

“I would just take the raindrop lectures better if they didn’t come from somebody who uses private planes like a taxi service.

“That’s just my point. That’s something that just really grates with me. Seriously, 16 bathrooms, private jet taxis.


“Stop using private planes, private planes are one of the biggest guzzlers of the carbon footprint imaginable.

“They use them like taxis, stop using private planes. Actually be the raindrop you want to be. Seriously, be a raindrop yourself.

“Shut down some of the baths. Stop using the private planes. What you’ve got to do mate, you’ve got to practice what you preach.

“It’s no good preaching to people. I want him to practice what he preaches.

“I want him to stop using private planes if all he wants to do is spend endless days, months, and years preaching to us about the environment.

“Practice what you preach. If I can use regular commercial air flight.

“I came fifth in the most recognisable people in this country and he was sixth, yet I manage to go on my little old tod on to commercial planes.

“You think famous people don’t go on British Airways? First class. Do me a favour, it’s nonsense.”

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