Police called to Boris Becker's home as estranged wife Lilly moves out following split

Photos from the upmarket area in Wimbledon showed the tennis star's wife Lilly, 41, leaving the house which faced being repossessed due to his mounting debts.

There were unconfirmed reports that Lilly called officers because members of Boris's family were obstructing her from moving out.

Lilly, wearing blue running leggings and a grey top, was seen pointing out of the window before she finally left the property.

Several Metropolitan Police officers were seen speaking to the Dutch former model and Boris, who was dressed down in jeans and cap.

A police spokesperson told Sun Online that officers were called to a residential address in the area at 12.52pm today following "reports of an ongoing civil dispute".

They added: "Officers attended at 1.30pm to prevent a potential breach of the peace. No offences were disclosed. Advice was given. No arrests were made."

Earlier this month,Becker called the cops on his wife after she allegedly ripped photos of them off the walls of their Wimbledon mansion.

Lily was at looking after the couple’s eight-year-old son Amadeus while Boris commentated at Wimbledon at the time, according to German newspaper Bild.

She was joined by a friend while she babysat and their conversation turned to her break-up.

Lily became emotional and allegedly ripped the photos of her and Boris from the walls.

Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris then returned home and called the police, it was claimed.

Police visited the tennis legend’s £5million home after he clashed with his partner, Lily, on July 21.

A friend told the Daily Mail that Boris and Lily’s relationship broke down because of his “negativity”.

They said: “He has become morose and a bit of an old man. It was “night and day” compared to what he was like when Lilly met him, and she wanted out.

“As for that night when the police were called — she is embarrassed about whatever happened at the house and won’t talk about it.”

The clash goes against the previous claim by Becker’s lawyers that the couple's split was "amicable".

The Met Police confirmed officers visited the home on Wednesday July 11 but said no one was arrested.

While the German tennis legend battles marital woe he also faces a tumultuous financial future.

Becker was ruled unable to pay a debt to bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co during a High Court hearing in London in June 2017.

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