Portsmouth shooting – Suspect in custody for 'gunning down Virginia firefighter responding to call and another victim'

A FIREFIGHTER responding to a call in Virginia was gunned down, along with a second victim.

Fire and rescue services responded to a call about downed wires just after 9pm on Monday evening, before a suspect started shooting, and a suspect is in custody, reports say.

One firefighter was rushed to hospital, where they are now in table condition.

Another civilian was also gunned down and rushed for help, however their condition is unknown.

The alleged shooter was taken into custody and an investigation is underway.

One person told News3 that they heard four gunshots, however that has not been confirmed by cops.

The outlet reported that a woman said a tree limb fell onto her father and brother's house, which is presumed to be the reason that firefighters responded.

She went on to claim that her brother was the civilian who was shot, and that the man who was arrested was his neighbor. However, this has not been confirmed.


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