Prankster’s cheeky Babestation stunt after sneaking into studio in huge box

A Snapchat prankster smuggled himself into Babestation in a huge box then sprayed glamour models with Silly String.

Adam Davis launched his cheeky attack after he got his mate to ‘deliver him’ to the studios of the x-rated channel.

The 29-year-old then covered two lingerie-clad girls in the joke goo as they posed for punters live on TV.

He laughs as he blasts one girl on the bum with the silly string while she twerks for the camera in skimpy black lingerie.

In the video, shared on his social media channels under the name Digit Davis , he is seen getting into a box before his friend tapes it up and loads him in a van.

His mate is then seen dressed in a high-vis jacket dropping him to the studios’ delivery entrance and telling security staff "it’s heavy and fragile".

Once inside Adam waited until he couldn’t hear anyone around him and then cut a small hole and poke his head out.

He then leapt out and made his way quickly the where the girls were filming.

He finds a near-naked blonde model on the phone and a brunette writhing on a bed in front of the cameras.

One can be heard on the phone saying: "You’re taking a real risk then, chatting to me".

He then comes across a woman twerking in black lingerie on all fours, who he sprays with Silly String while laughing.

She tries to bat him away, but he quickly runs off and as another model in the next cubicle becomes asks "what was that?" he sprays the string at her as she screeches.

Speaking to the camera, he says: "I’ve only gone and pulled it off, haven’t I", as he runs away laughing.

The video was posted by Digit Davis on Facebook.

It is the second time Davis has blagged his way in having fooled security less than six months ago.

In that video, which got 20 million views, he threw jelly at the girls after waltzing into the studios while posing as a contractor.

He said he found out where the studios were in Milton Keynes after chatting with a guy who used to work there.

"I chose to do the prank at Babestation because I thought it was somewhere a bit more interesting – and I’m sure most people would like to say they’ve met the girls there.

"I haven’t heard anything from (Babestation) yet, but last time the owner or manager rang me and said they thought it was funny and that they would get me back."

The Mirror Online has contacted Babestation for comment.

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