President Trump’s Approval Rating Low Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Just before midterm elections, recent polls show troubling news for the GOP.

A new poll released yesterday by Quinnipiac University National Poll shows troubling news for the Republican Party. The recent polls come less than 3 months ahead of midterm elections when many positions in Congress will be up for re-election. Forty-one percent of voters approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president. Among them, 41 percent of white voters, who strongly supported Trump in the 2016 presidential election, disapprove of the president.

Furthermore, the poll shows that a majority of Americans believe Trump is not doing enough for the middle class — about 58 percent. “Only 1 in 3 Americans ‘likes’ President Donald Trump,” explained Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. Simply put, the numbers reflect, ‘the base is hanging in and the rest aren’t buying in,” he said. The poll showed disapproval across the board by party, age, racial group, education or gender, with only Republicans sustaining approval of the presidency. White voters without a degree are divided on the topic, with 46 percent approving and 49 percent opposed.

The latest polls cast a foreboding shadow on the upcoming midterm elections this November. Historically speaking, weak approval ratings for the party controlling the White House have signaled poor performance in the midterm elections for control of the US Congress.

“The last two presidents ranked that low saw their party lose control of at least one house of Congress,” said an article from NJ.

In 2010, Barack Obama’s Democratic Party lost control of Congress with approval ratings below 50 percent. The same happened with Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan in office, according to NJ. The Republican Party swept control of Congress, the executive branch, and governorships in the 2016 elections. Their control may now be in danger this November.

Another poll released yesterday by CNN shows that Americans are closely watching the Robert Mueller investigation. The majority of Americans approve of the way Mueller is handling the investigation, while only 34 percent of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling the investigation. Both Mueller’s and Trump’s approval rating on the handling of the investigation are up from the last polls in June, also conducted by CNN. But many Americans are impatient with the pace of the investigation; a full 66 percent would like the see the investigation conclude by November in time for elections.

Trump often tweets his disapproval of the investigation, calling it a “witch hunt“. The recent polls come after an eventful summer for the Trump administration and amidst an aggressive campaign by Mueller to proceed with the investigation, despite strong pushback from Trump’s legal team.

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