Prince Harry and Meghan Markle giving up their HRH titles is royals’ biggest blow since Di’s death – The Sun

I'VE been photographing the royals for over 40 years and this is absolutely extraordinary.

It’s the biggest shock since Princess Diana’s death.

The title HRH comes automatically with having Royal blood – you can’t be stripped of it.
The fact Harry is giving up using the HRH title is because he’s doing the honourable thing – for the simple reason, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

You either work for “The Firm” and work for The Queen or you don’t.

As for repaying the money for Frogmore Cottage – well Harry and Meghan is trying to do the right thing by his grandma.

This is a grace and favour residence and they can still use it when they come backwards and forwards and the fact they repaying the taxpayers’ money is commendable.

Meghan was happiest when she was in New York with all her rich, posh society friends.

And she looks very happy in Vancouver with people coming to visit her.

Meghan is an established actress and she could make millions from starring in films.

Harry, of course, is internationally known and could make fortunes on a speakers circuit – he is funny and articulate.So if that’s what they want they should be able to do it.

I don’t think they will end up in Canada – I suspect they will end up nearer to California than Vancouver. But make no mistake this is a great loss to our country.

Harry to me was the best of them – he was a super member of the Royal family. He was funny and engaging with older people but especially with young. With children he becomes a child – he teases them and torments them, he gets them laughing and plays with them. He has his mother’s ability to speak to anyone – so it’s sad that we are losing him from The Firm.

But as this is what they want, then, along with The Queen we should wish them the best.


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