Prince Harry and Meghan 'should have been more careful buying their mansion from Russian nicknamed Scarface Oligarch'

PRINCE Harry and Meghan "should not be lining the pockets" of the Russian "Scarface Oligarch" they bought their $14 million mansion from after he allegedly launched a three-year "campaign of terror" against two women, one of his accusers has claimed.

Jennifer Sulkess, 32, is currently embroiled in a bitter legal battle with Sergey Grishin who she accuses in court papers seen by The Sun of sending "numerous death threats" to her friend and his ex wife Anna Fedoseeva, "attempting to kill" Anna, 38, and hiring a "hit man" to target them.

The Sussexes recently bought a nine bedroom, 16 bathroom lavish mansion from controversial Grishin, 56, who has also been accused in lawsuits of threatening to chop up Anna "piece by piece" and making a "false police report" against her, causing her to be imprisoned for 10 days before she was released without charge.

Billionaire Grishin denies all the claims calling them "false and highly defamatory".

However Jennifer says it is "heartbreaking" to her that Meghan and Harry, who are fierce supporters of women's rights, did not do their "due diligence" on Grishin and are now "lining his pockets".

"The thing that I struggle with in this is not to demonize them for buying a house, but he should not be lining his pockets with their money," Jennifer told The Sun.

"The last thing that anybody should be doing is funding him.

"I believe it was unintentional on their part but I do believe that due diligence was messed up. I would've checked Sergey Grishin out if I was buying a house from him.

"As a woman who has had to deal with all this, it's very difficult to to wake up and see Sergey Grishin selling his house to such high stature people, especially somebody like Meghan who has been such a strong advocate for women's rights."

She added: "I believe it's important to speak out and hopefully we'll gain some more allies instead of picking up the computer and seeing that two allies that we would love to have are buying a house from him.

"This is a person who has endless resources, endless amounts of money so to get any more money from people we would like to be allies with Anna and I, and be helping us, it's heartbreaking to see.

"I wish that they were our allies and not his buyers."

Jennifer's legal battle with Grishin began three years ago when he filed a lawsuit accusing her and ex wife Anna of having a lesbian affair and trying to defraud millions of dollars from him.

He claims the women failed to pay back $564,000 he lent them to fund a movie they were making – claims both strongly deny.

They hit back in a counter suit alleging that Grishin “sent numerous death threats, violent images, and pornographic images to his wife and Sulkess in text and video messages”.

Grishin strongly denies all of their claims and claims he was “the unfortunate victim of a fraud”.

One message allegedly from Grishin to Anna, submitted to court in March, he allegedly writes: "I don’t care that you’ve given up. I will simply punish you by cutting you up piece by piece, from the tail. Until I reach your head. THAT’S WHAT’LL HAPPEN [emoticon]

"Your life has really ended."

Another states: “I am now in Total destruction mode. I'm taking steps that could do much harm to you in every possible way . . . And understand and believe I am just a killing machine now.”

As well as multiple threatening messages allegedly from Grishin to both women, all submitted to court in Los Angeles, one alleged text message made a sick joke about child abuse.

Another, seen by The Sun, referenced a racist joke about President Barack Obama.  

But he vigorously denies any wrongdoing.

Jennifer was granted a three-year restraining order against Grishin by a judge in Los Angeles but remains afraid after Grishin's threats, included in court papers, that he would "come after", "destroy" and "take everything" from her and everyone she loves.

She said: "I had a trial for the restraining order and I won… the judge ruled in my favor and gave me a three-year order until April 2022.

"But this is a lifetime of fear…I don't just go to the grocery store and feel normal."

'Numerous false accusations'

Jennifer and Anna are seeking $125 million in damages accusing him of assault, battery, extortion, domestic violence, invasion of privacy and cyberstalking. A hearing in the case will take place in LA in October but the trial has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Lawyers for Grishin accuse Anna of making "numerous false accusations" to pressure him into paying her a settlement.

They add: "Mr. Grishin unequivocally denies harming or threatening to harm anyone.

"He has never been charged with any crimes because he has not violated the law. 

"It is unfortunate that false allegations made in a civil case have now been raised because of a high-profile real estate transaction – and before Mr. Grishin had an opportunity to prove his case at trial in a Court of law.

"It seems unfortunately to be the case that in order to further pressure Mr Grishin into paying them money to which they are not entitled, Fedoseeva and Sulkess are using the royal couple and the purchase of their new home, in furtherance of their scheme to extort funds from SG.

"The truth is that Mr. Grishin is the unfortunate victim of a fraud perpetrated by his former wife Ms. Anna Fedoseeva in respect of which he has been obliged to file legal proceedings against her.

"His legal claim sets out that fewer than two months after their marriage, Ms. Fedoseeva became romantically involved with another woman, Jennifer Sulkess, and thereafter entered into a scheme to defraud him out millions of dollars to finance her and Ms. Sulkess’ lifestyles.

"When that fraudulent scheme failed, Ms. Fedoseeva made a series of false and highly defamatory allegations about Mr. Grishin – including of physical threats and violence – which are utterly fanciful, hotly denied and have no basis in truth whatever, and which Mr. Grishin trusts will be proven to be entirely false when the matter comes before the court."

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