How to recycle Three Lions flag: Internet wags put boot into England 

How to recycle your Three Lions flag: Internet wags – and not the glamorous kind – put the boot into defeated England

  • As England bid farewell to dreams of World Cup victory, fans praise manager  
  • Supporters are looking forward to Euro 2020 despite the semi-final defeat 
  • As some ‘sobbed uncontrollably’ others spoke of their pride in the squad 

England fans have taken to social media to praise coach Gareth Southgate despite semi-final defeat to Croatia, while others mocked the squad’s loss.

The Three Lions lost 2-1 in their first World Cup semi-final in 28 years, but supporters praised the manager for taking the squad so far.

Twitter users suggested the nation is in need of one Southgate’s famous hugs after he was spotted consoling players in Moscow.

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Though pictures surfaced of emotionally unstable Arrested Development character Tobias Funke ‘sobbing uncontrollably’, many are looking ahead with hope to the European Championships in 2020.

Captain Harry Kane’s young squad was praised for restoring pride in English football and surpassing all expectations this time around.

Others referenced what many see as the redemption of Southgate, who has come back strong after missing a penalty for England in Euro 96.

Despite some mocking the choruses of ‘It’s Coming Home’, some supporters have refused to ‘slag England off’ as one Tweeted: ‘You made me love my country again.’ 

Southgate – who has become so popular that fans mimicked his suave style with ‘waistcoat Wednesday’ ahead of the semi-final – was reassured he could ‘stand tall’ as England face third-place play-offs rather than the final they hoped for.

Croatia will play France on Sunday at 4pm following Tuesday’s win over Belgium in St Petersburg.  


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