Previously uncounted votes have narrowed the margin of victory to such a slim majority that state officials will have no choice but to do a recount.

According to, some new votes have shown up just in the nick of time for Democrats in Ohio’s 12th congressional district. This may end in a slim-enough majority by Republicans to warrant an entire recount for Ohio’s 12th district.

The recently-counted ballots resulted in net gains for O’Connor of 190 votes.

If the majority party wins an election by 0.5 percent or fewer votes, state officials will automatically have to hold a recount to ensure accuracy. Troy Balderson may have already declared victory in the district, but Danny O’Connor says he is currently awaiting every provisional ballot to come in and be counted before accepting defeat. Moreover, he’s still confident he can win the district.

Either way the chips ultimately fall in this race, August 7 turned out to be a historic night for Ohio’s 12th district, as Danny O’Connor came dangerously close to defeating the Trump-backed Republican candidate Troy Balderson.

The district has historically favored Republicans much more heavily.

It’s a race that was expected to be extremely tight in weeks leading in, but polling still suggested that Troy Balderson would eke out a marginal victory. So far, polling appears to have been correct, as Democrats have yet to show numbers that would viably take the district.

However, Democrats have potentially shown they may possess the momentum needed to take back the United States House of Representatives this November, with counts so close in a district that didn’t used to be a tight race at all.

Currently Republicans hold a Senate majority as well as a majority in the United States House of Representatives.

Donald Trump thought Ohio’s recent special election was so important, he went as far as going to Ohio to hold a rally for Troy Balderson, in hopes of ensuring some extra support for the GOP candidate. Unfortunately for Republicans, Trump’s presence still wasn’t enough to give Republican a landslide victory they’re used to receiving in such an easy-to-win district.

On the contrary, John Kasich says it’s Trump who hurt the Republican Party in the special election.

Such a tight margin will likely put Republicans into overdrive for supporting candidates in the upcoming midterm election this November as a number of seats in both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate are upo for grabs.

A Democrat majority in either the House or the Senate could spell serious hindrance to Republican legislation for the remainder of Trump’s presidency and could furthermore spell serious trouble for Trump’s re-election chances in 2020.

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