Russian oligarch's ex-wife arrives at High Court to sue her SON

Russian oligarch’s ex-wife arrives at High Court for legal showdown with her own SON over his role in Britain’s richest-ever divorce with £453million payout at stake

  • Tatiana Akhmedova, 52, is suing son over claims he acted as father’s ‘lieutenant’  
  • She accused her son Temur, 27, of colluding with his father to conceal fortune
  • Legal team say Mr Akhmedov gave son over £90million, 20 per cent of wealth 

The ex-wife of a Russian oligarch and her son arrived at London’s High Court today for a legal battle that has ripped apart of one of the world’s wealthiest families.

Tatiana Akhmedova, 52, is suing her son Temur Akhmedov, 27, over claims that he acted as his father’s ‘lieutenant’ and colluded with him to conceal his fortune and ensure that she did not receive a landmark £453 million divorce pay out.

Ms Akhmedova secured Britain’s largest divorce settlement from her ex-husband Farkhad Akhmedov, 64, an oil and gas tycoon, following the end of their 27-year marriage in 2016.

Tatiana Akhmedova, 52, (pictured) is suing her son over claims that he acted as his father’s ‘lieutenant’ and colluded with him to conceal his fortune

The Russian oligarch’s estranged wife arrived with her legal team around 30 minutes after Temur, with both mother and son avoiding each other as they waited to go into court.

She will take to the witness stand first, followed by her son, who is expected to give evidence on Tuesday. He denies any wrongdoing.

Ms Akhmedova’s legal team allege that in total, Mr Akhmedov gave his son over £90 million from 2015 onwards, plus a £6.5 million Moscow property, which amounts to around 20% of his wealth.

Temur Akhmedov, 27, (pictured) is alleged to have been given over £90 million from 2015 onwards from his father 

But she is only is trying to reclaim £70 million of this directly from Temur at the High Court, accepting that the remainder was for his living expenses.

Ms Akhmedova secured Britain’s largest divorce settlement from her ex-husband Farkhad Akhmedov, 64, (pictured) 

She claims that so far, she has only received £5 million and a rusty helicopter from her ex-husband.

Speaking ahead of the trial, Temur told MailOnline that he no longer loves his mother.

He fumed:’She doesn’t deserve to be called mother and I don’t love her anymore.

‘How can you love someone who wants to bring you down completely. It makes me very sad that I don’t have a mother anymore.

‘She’s trying to put me in prison and destroy me. If she was on the streets and needed help, then maybe I could understand what she’s doing. But she’s not. She lives in a £20 million house which has £40 million worth of art inside it.’

Amongst the other assets Ms Akhmedova is fighting for from her ex-husband in other cases include his £350 million mega yacht Luna, which he purchased from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and his £100 million art collection.

Akhmedova was handed ownership of the couple’s £20m Surrey home (pictured) and an art collection worth more than £30m [File photo]

In addition to half of Mr Akhmedov’s billion-pound fortune, assets at stake include a private jet and an Aston Martin (pictured)

Although Mr Akhmedov is said to have offered his ex-wife £100 million to settle, she has pursued him through the courts in five countries, with today’s High Court action against her son the latest in a series of high-profile legal battles.

Last month, members of his mother’s legal team raided Temur’s £30 million London apartment which was given to him by his father when he was aged 19, to search for documentation relevant to the case.

According to court documents, 58 electronic devices were seized from the luxury flat including mobile phones, memory sticks and even a Peppa Pig game.

An underground car park and wine cellar were also searched for any evidence that he helped his father to stop his money from being seized by the British courts.

Assets at stake include a £115million art collection featuring paintings by Andy Warhol (pictured), Mark Rothko and Damien Hirst

The jewel in the crown for both sides is the Luna, a £350million superyacht that used to belong to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich (pictured) 

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