Russian warship loaded with warplanes and missiles is stalking America’s USS Harry S Truman in Med

The US$4.5 billion ship – designed to "project American presence and power-off any coast" – is sailing in support of attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria.

Fitted out with the best of the US navy's military capabilities, the easiest way to track the ship is to follow it – exactly what Russia has decided to do.

Loaded with warplanes and deadly weapons, the Yaroslav Mudry warship is stalking it on its journey across the sea.

In April, the same Russian ship strayed a little too close to the UK coastline and the Royal Navy's HMS St Albans was dispatched to escort it through the channel.

Though no conflict has kicked off, the rivalry between the two countries is obvious.

Truman is flanked by six "bodyguard" destroyer ships that are ready to act should the Russians make any sudden movements for conflict.

The two countries are barely on speaking terms, but they have been communicating over radio.

An officer on the US ship said over radio: "Russian warship 777 this is US Navy destroyer 75. Yankee victor one. Romeo uniform five. Tack."

The officer is quoting a Cold War agreement that was made with the then Soviet Union, to avoid dangerous incidents at sea.

There are more than 5,000 people on board the American ship, which is nearly as long as the Empire State Building at 1,100 feet.

As long as there are concerns over the relationship between Russia, Iran and Syria, the ship will likely stay in the Mediterranean – its presence gives the US options should any conflict kick off.


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