Russia’s ‘Love Island’ descends into chaos after female stars brawl over man

Russia’s most-watch TV show has descended into chaos after a reality star was beaten up live on TV.

Dom 2 – dubbed Russia’s Love Island – sees contestants try to build a house while trying to find love.

According to reports, blonde Tatiana Blumenkranz, 25, attacked Mariana Petria, 24, after she discovered that the brunette had enjoyed a romantic dinner with her husband Valery Blumenkranz, 29, who is also on the programme.

The fight was filmed by hidden cameras on the reality show’s set.

Producers uploaded the footage to social media where over a million people have viewed it.

In the video, participants are seen running from a communal area after hearing Petria’s screams.

They arrive to find the blonde woman kicking Petria on the ground.

A male contestant tries to separate the pair, but Blumenkranz continues to put the boot in.

Show producers suddenly cut to view of an ant mound, but then quickly return to the scuffle.

As Blumenkranz continues to kick Petria, the other contestants arrive on the scene, including her heavyset husband who is seen wearing blue shorts and a pink vest.

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He grabs his wife in a headlock and several contestants try to separate the couple.

A man wearing black shorts manages to push the fired-up woman away from the group.

Petria is shown crying after the assault, while her attacker’s furious husband tries to throw something at Blumenkranz, but gives up and rejoins the others.

According to reports, the married couple is on the verge of divorce despite having a child together.

He recently invited Petria to dinner and they were reportedly seen kissing and cuddling all night.

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