Ryanair passenger’s X-rated rant during flight in front of horrified families

A woman filmed launching a foul-mouthed tirade during a Ryanair flight claimed she works for rivals easyJet.

The furious passenger was captured on camera by a fellow flyer during a flight from Manchester on Friday.

During her expletive-filled rant, the woman can be heard shouting: "I work for f****** easyJet."

She repeatedly brands a member of staff a "soft t***" as he tries to calm her down.

"Don’t look down your nose at me," the woman shouts.

She continues: "The whole world is sitting here looking at us…walking past us like pieces of s***. Cheeky little t*** I work for f****** easyJet.

"Get a f****** grip. Get your manager… as soon as we land get the manager. Don’t look at me like that again."

The clip shows that there was a young child sitting in the row behind her.

It is not known whether she was actually employed by easyJet, as she claimed.

The rant was reportedly sparked after a woman on the plane called out the passenger for her use of foul language.

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The person who filmed the incident wrote: "Upon 20 minutes to landing, she is very loud and swearing a lot due to the drink she has been consuming.

"A lady a few rows back confronts the lady about this and she responded with the hateful abuse you can see in this video."

A representative for easyJet told Mirror Online: “We have no information to suggest that the individual in this video is an easyJet member of staff.”

Ryanair has been contacted for comment.

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