Sausages still have as much salt in as SIX YEARS ago – just weeks before ’deadline’ to cut it

SUPERMARKET sausages contain as much salt as six years ago despite only having three weeks to meet a reduction deadline.

It means a sausage sarnie has two-thirds of the recommended daily salt intake.

Makers have until the end of December to meet lower salt levels set by Public Health England.

Campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health examined 212 sausage varieties stocked at major supermarkets.

Richmond was the worst offender. Its 12 skinless pork sausages and eight thick pork sausages have more salt per 100g than any others. Iceland’s jumbo pork sausages had most per banger at 1.28g due to their bigger size.

The study also found 85 varieties tested were high in saturates.

CASH chairman Professor Graham MacGregor added: “Public Health England must get tough on companies not complying.

“Salt reduction is the most cost-effective and most successful ­public health preventive measure made to date. It is a national tragedy it is being allowed to fail.”” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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