Scary moment toddler triplets are CRUSHED by falling bedroom cabinet after climbing on top of it while playing

VIDEO shows the scary moment toddler triplets were CRUSHED by a falling bedroom cabinet, after climbing on top of it while playing.

Triplets Riley, Spencer and Haven White were in their bedroom, playing when the cabinet toppled over, pinning the kids, The Daily Mail reported.

Video from a baby monitor shows the moment two of the Illinois triplets stepped in the open drawers underneath a changing table top.

Suddenly, the cabinet was seen falling forward, landing on top of two of the toddlers and crushing them.

One of the toddlers ran around the dresser, as another was luckily able to escape.

The third triplet was seen pinned under the dresser, however.

Mother Roxanne, 38, and husband Hank, 38, saw the incident when they reviewed baby monitor footage.

In the video, Riley was seen pulling out the drawers, before Haven began climbing on top.

The dresser toppled on Spencer and Haven, The Daily Mail reported.

Roxanne said she "heard a loud bang" followed by a "scream that sounded like a playful cry," The Daily Mail reported.

She ran into the room, and found that the dresser had toppled over on top of the tots.

"I was instantly relieved when I saw them all standing up as I knew they were alright even though they were upset," Roxanne said.

The mom said that the cabinet was not anchored to the wall – even though all other furniture was – and her and her husband took the dresser out of the triplet's room after the accident.

Roxanne said the cabinet "was anchored to the wall to prevent this from happening again."

The mom said "we are so lucky that none of the triplets were seriously injured," and is now warning others so similar accidents involving their kids don't happen, The Daily Mail reported.

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