Serial killer Stephen Port handed over £136,000 in tax­payer-funded legal aid

SERIAL killer Stephen Port was handed more than £136,000 in tax­payer-funded legal aid.

The drug rape beast, 46, was awarded the cash for his trial where he was convicted of four murders.

He got £56,037 for solicitors at the lengthy Old Bailey case and £79,734 for his barrister.

A source said: “It’s a huge sum of money at taxpayers’ expense. Port is a monster.”

It comes as an inquest found “fundamental mistakes” by the Met Police

investigating the death of Port’s first victim led to the deaths of the other three men.

Port lured them to his London flat and plied them with fatal doses of date rape drug GHB.

The IOPC may reopen its probe into 17 officers.

The Met has apologised.

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