Shocking footage shows car driver chasing and trying to RAM a cyclist

Shocking camera footage shows ‘aggressive’ car driver chasing after and trying to RAM a cyclist in London ‘road rage attack’

  •  Fury broke out on Borough High Street near London Bridge in rush hour
  • A war of words happened in the 20mph zone with the driver repeatedly beeping
  • He then tried to ram his car at the cyclist in a moment of ‘aggression’ 
  • Cyclists and other road users had to step in to stop the incident in the capital 
  • ‘Motorists need to change their mindset,’ according to a commuter on the route 

An ‘aggressive’ motorist targeted a cyclist and tried to ram him in a rush-hour ‘road rage attack’ in London.

The drama unfolded as the cyclist started to pick up speed as the lights turned green and suddenly the driver started to furiously beep at him. 

Later when the pair were side by side along the 20mph zone heading along Borough High Street towards London Bridge, there was an exchange of words.  

The ‘hot-headed’ driver then started to ram into the cyclist shocking walkers, drivers and other cyclists along the route.

One commuter, who witnessed the shock attack, said: ‘Basically this car driver is acting entitled to the road, while this is a narrow street going towards the city and 70 to 75 per cent of traffic in morning hours are cyclists.

‘Cyclist was OK and managed to stay safe. Also a number of cyclists and other road users protested to driver which might have prevented him from carrying out any further attacks. 

‘There is still a culture of drivers being abusive and aggressive to cyclists. 

Trouble ahead: Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians were left shocked by the London incident

Words exchanged: A commuter said cyclists made up the majority of road users on the stretch

From green to red: The motorist ended up seeing red with the cyclist who was lucky to escape

‘People still think it’s OK to do so.  These are evident on aggressive driving, close pass, beeping, shouting and examples can be seen all over YouTube.    

‘It’s part of last century thinking.’ 

The commuter added: ‘Motorists need to change their mindset and be educated on the benefits of having more cyclists on the road.

‘It causes less congestion, make more space for vehicles that need to make the journey as part of their job, causes less pollution.’

The ‘attack’ was filmed during the 9am commute on February 1.   











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