Shocking moment thug steals a police officer’s hat

Shocking moment thug steals a police officer’s hat and she gives chase after gang hurled abuse at her 

  • The officer was apprehending the youngsters at Clapham Junction station
  • She told them to leave the station but they ignored her and started mocking her
  • One of the youths ran through the barriers and she chases after him
  • The person filming then takes the opportunity to snatch her hat 

A group of thugs threatened a police officer and stole her hat after she tried to stop them from jumping over the barriers at a London station.

The incident was filmed at Clapham Junction and shows the unnamed officer talking to the youths.

She says: ‘You’re going to be refused travel if you don’t leave the station.

‘You’re causing an obstruction.’

The group then start to jeer and intimate her after she tried to walk away as they appear to mock her for not being able to pass the barrier, saying: ‘You don’t have a ticket.’

One of the thugs then manages to squeeze through the barrier, to the delight of his friends.

The group point and jeer at the officer in an attempt to intimidate her and refuse to obey her instructions to leave

After one of the group squeezes through the barriers much to the delight of his friends, the officer runs after him

The man with the skateboard is then chased by the police officer and two of her colleagues through the station.

His friends laugh hysterically as they jump the gates and run towards their friend after he has been tackled to the ground by the officers.

As the assailant is apprehended, the person filming the video then takes an officer’s hat and starts to run away from the scene.

The video is believed to have been filmed recently and the viral clip has since been shared across social media after it was posted yesterday.

Two of the police officer’s colleagues join her in chasing the man and eventually tackle him and apprehend him

The person filming the video then snatches the officer’s police hat and runs away from the scene

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