Shrien Dewani finds new man four years after being cleared of wife’s murder

Millionaire businessman Shrien Dewani – who was cleared of murdering his wife Anni on their honeymoon – appears to have a new boyfriend.

Instagram photos show the 38-year-old cuddling with his new lover, London-based Brazilian photographer Gledison Lopez Martins.

Intimate snaps on their social media accounts show them together at home in the UK and on their travels around the world.

Dewani is almost four years removed from a trial where he was cleared of arranging the murder of his 28-year-old wife in South Africa just days after they got married in 2010.

Dewani and Martins have been in a relationship for about 18 months, and recently went on holiday in Ibiza and attended a fancy dress party with Dewani’s family, MailOnline reports.

One photo shows Dewani appearing to be asleep on Martins’ chest a few days before Christmas last year, when they apparently spent the holiday with Dewani’s parents in Bristol.

Images reveal the pair have also been on holiday to Mumbai, where Dewani and his wife got married in a traditional Hindu ceremony almost eight years ago.

Martins is Facebook friends with a number of Dewani’s relatives, including his parents Shila and Prakash.

Martins was listed as a co-director of a now dissolved company called Dozilda. The Companies House record lists "Spain" as his nationality.

His professional website says he now runs his own business, GLM PhotoStudio, out of an address in Paddington, London.

On the first day of his trial, Dewani revealed he was bisexual and had beeing paying a male prostitute called the ‘German Master’ for sex, something that neither his family nor Anni’s were aware of.

Anni’s uncle Ashok Hindocha told MailOnline: "If he’s been to Ibiza I hope he enjoyed the beaches.

"My family and I will never be able to in the same way because Anni loved the beach and every time we have tried to go we have left in tears."

He said the family wants Dewani to explain how he’s been able to move on with his life, but they haven’t heard from him.

Mr Hindocha said: "We accept he did not murder Anni, but he lied to us and had a very secret gay life. He owes us an apology for his lies."

Had the family known the truth about Dewani’s sexuality, he added, they never would have allowed Sweden-born Anni to marry him or travel to South Africa with him.

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Dewani and his wife had been in South Africa for almost a week when she was killed as they toured suburban Cape Town in a taxi.

Dewani, whose family made a fortune running nursing homes, claimed the vehicle was hijacked and he was forced out after being robbed.

The businessman, who was extradited to face trial, claimed the taxi drove off with his wife still inside.

She was found dead from a gunshot wound to the neck in the abandoned taxi the following morning.

The taxi driver and two other men – who claimed Dewani had arranged a hit on his wife- were convicted of Anni’s murder.

Dewani, who has always denied plotting to murder his new bride and didn’t give evidence at his trial, was acquitted by a judge in South Africa in December 2014 after she blasted the prosecution’s evidence as unreliable.

In 2016, he wrote a letter to a London coroner claiming the three convicted men had lied and he was the victim of an attempt to frame him.

He wrote: "It is the evidence of these proven liars that led to a witch hunt against me and the resulting failure to pursue the truth of what happened that night.

"It is clear that none of the evidence provided by these persons was corroborated in any meaningful way."

He added: [The] extent of my knowledge of the events leading up to Anni’s murder has already been set out in a detailed publicly available plea. This document was read out in court at the start of my trial."

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