Sister Wives star Christine Brown's daughter Ysabel, 17, looks healthy as she she shops at the mall after back surgery

SISTER Wives' Ysabel Brown stepped out in her Christmas-themed pajama pants for some retail therapy just three months after having major back surgery.

The 17 year old, looking well following October's 12-hour operation, drove herself to her local high school to pick up a book before heading to a Target.

She was not accompanied by her mom Christine, who stayed behind at their $520,000 home just outside of Flagstaff, AZ.

Christine launched a campaign to raise $50,000 for Ysabel's operation earlier in the year and raised at least half the cash from sales of her LuLaRoe clothes line.

Launching the appeal in a Facebook post, Christine said: "One of my daughters needs a surgery. I need $50,000 for a down payment for the surgery. You guys are helping me make it happen. Thank you. $50,000 for a down was so daunting so I decided to just work hard.”

In October, The Sun reported how Ysabel, her mom and sisters Gwendlyn, 19, and Truely, ten, flew first class to New Jersey ahead of the surgery, despite their money troubles.

There, the 17 year old had a 12-hour operation to correct her spine which had curved the wrong way because of a condition called scoliosis.

She spent five days in hospital recovering from the operation, while her mom and siblings stayed with Christine's sister.

Dad Kody was slammed by Sister Wives fans for not accompanying his daughter after deciding not to travel because restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic meant he would have been separated from his three other wives and other children for four weeks.

Ysabel was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2017 in an emotional scene that was featured on the show.

Kody and Christine first tried to correct Ysabel’s aggressive curvature of the spine using a brace, but the condition worsened and they eventually decided surgery would be required.

Ysabel, fighting back tears, said in one episode: “Wearing the brace is hard because I look bigger and I can’t do as much, it’s hard emotionally, it’s horrible wearing the daytime brace. It hurts all over and I have bruises. It’s awful.”

Sister Wives scenes featuring the op and Ysabel’s recovery are expected to be screened in a new season of Sister Wives.

Christine, speaking in the show, said scoliosis affects three million young Americans each year, mostly girls aged between ten and 12.

Separately, Ysabel’s big sister Gwendlyn also headed to Target later the same day wearing similar brightly-colored pants.

Gwendlyn, a 2020 high school graduate, met up with a friend before doing their shopping.

Kody is living with wife Robyn, 42, in a $820,000 home just a couple of miles from Christine’s impressive house.

The Sun's pictures show Christine has had solar panels fitted to its roof.

Kody’s other wives, Meri and Janelle, live close together a few miles away in Flagstaff.

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