Spring really has sprung! Britain basks in start of 10-day heatwave

Spring really has sprung! Britain basks in start of 10-day Spring mini-heatwave as blossom blooms and new-born lambs play with their mothers as sunshine is set to dominate the rest of the month

  • Forecasters have predicted temperatures could reach as high as 19 C (66 F) by the middle of this week
  • Nights will remain cold with wintry temperatures, however, due to clear skies and cold wind arriving 
  • It comes as Boris Johnson orders citizens to stay home due to coronavirus unless shopping for supplies
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A ten-day Spring mini-heatwave is on its way as sunshine is expected to dominate the rest of the week – despite Brits being confined inside their homes due to coronavirus.

Forecasters have predicted temperatures will climb to a barmy 19C (66F) towards the middle of the week as a 500-mile plume of warm air is swept up from Portugal. 

And Spring is officially here for four sets of twin lambs born at Chapel Field Farm in Litton village in the Peak District.

The little bundles of fluff were captured nuzzling into their mother by photographer Rachel Rennie who watched them take their first tentative steps into the world. 

She wrote on Facebook: ‘I thought you’d like to see our latest arrivals, we have four sets of twins so far.

‘Our first lambs of the year. Born on the first day of Spring. Lovely to have something to be excited about at the moment.’

Spring is officially here for four sets of twin lambs born at Chapel Field Farm in Litton village in the Peak District as temperatures are set to soar as high as 19 C (66 F) by the middle of the week

A three-day forecast shows the difference between the weather systems hitting the north and south of the country this week

Animal lovers were quick to chime into the comments as Christine Robison said: ‘I just love seeing lambs. Still a thrill for an old townie like me.’

Louise Mike Smart added: ‘Made my day, thank you Rachel.’ 

The mini-heatwaves temperatures are expected to reach hotter than Malta and Corfu, Greece, both due to be 14C by midweek. 

A MET Office forecaster told MailOnline the UK should look forward to ‘dry and sunny’ conditions but colder nights.

‘We’re in for a dry and sunny spell,’ she said. ‘There’s some rain in the north-west of Scotland that we have a yellow warning for, and low pressure over Iceland that is influencing the area.

Flowers blooming in Holland Park west London as a mother takes her toddler for a walk in the beautiful weather as temperatures soar during a Springtime mini-heatwave

Beautiful pink blossom appeared on this tree in St James Park in Westminster as Spring weather and sunshine hit the capital

A runner took to the fields in Dunsden, Oxfordshire, early on Tuesday morning in an effort to avoid meeting any others

Joggers and walkers took to St James Park in Westminster earlier today but were careful to try to spread out amidst the spread of coronavirus

The lambs in Derbyshire frolicked in the fields just hours after their birth welcomed the beginning of the new season

A lone man could be seen standing by the waves at the seaside resort of West Bay in Dorset a day after Boris Johnson told people to stay in their homes

A group of people relaxed on an otherwise empty beach in front of Brighton Pier earlier today, despite Mr Johnson banning gathering of two or more

Two men are seen making the most of the warmer weather as they’ve set up cones to mark their exercise area in Holland Park 

The mother of the lambs licked one clean as the other enjoyed a lie down in the sun just hours after the twins were born

Runners and cyclists get up early to exercise despite the chill in the air in an effort to avoid people in Dunsden, Oxfordshire

‘But high pressure will bring a settled dry period to most of the UK that should last until the start of April with sunny spells but also colder nights because you’ve got clearer skies. The wind will also be a bit chilly.’

She added that the warm temperatures are due to wind sweeping up from the Mediterranean area.  

Many people’s favourite blossom-filled season comes as the UK public is urged to stay indoors and only head out for ‘essential’ items and travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, told MailOnline the weather ‘is being kind to us at the moment’ as temperatures hit the mid-teens in the south of the UK, but it’s a different story for the north of the country and the weather could be set to turn foul as sleet and hail is forecast next week.

These little bundles of fluff were captured nuzzling into their mother by photographer Rachel Rennie who watched them take their first tentative steps into the world

Sunrise at St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay on the North East coast earlier this morning ahead of a ten-day mini-heatwave

Sunrise at St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay on the North East coast early this morning on one of the first days of spring 

In the early morning sunshine these twin lambs nuzzled close to their mother in a field in the village of Litton in Derbyshire

This cyclist woke up early to exercise in Dunsden, Oxfordshire, this morning. They enjoyed empty roads and a bright, cloudless sky

Thousands of daffodils were pictured in bloom at Warley Place, in Brentwood, Essex, yesterday, as Britain enjoyed one of the first days of Spring

A lone cyclist made the most of empty roads and sunny weather as they headed out in Dunsden, Oxfordshire, on Tuesday

A meadow filled with daffodils underneath a blue cloud-free sky marked the beginning of Spring at Warley Place in Brentwood, Essex, yesterday

Flowers were in bloom in the walled gardens at Holland Park in west London on Tuesday, as walkers headed out to enjoy the  sunny weather

He added: ‘Weather up until the weekend is bright, but it’s a story of two halves. We recognise that in the south and east we have good conditions set to last into the weekend, but it is not the same picture for the north and north west. 

‘They’re under the influence of a different regime. There’s a strong rain and weather warning out for the western islands. For the majority of the UK fine conditions are set to last.’

Mr Madge described Tuesday as a ‘pretty good day’ as parts of the UK warmed up as far as 19 C (66.2 F) in Hereford, London saw highs of 16 C (60.8 F) and other parts of the south of the country enjoyed a sunshine-filled 17 C (62.6 F).  

But the rest of the week will see temperatures gradually fall until easterly coasts are pounded by sleet, hail and even potentially snow from a weather system coming in from the North Sea from Sunday.

Training didn’t stop for these men who set up blue cones on the field in Holland Park earlier today. They performed a variety of exercises before heading back home to isolate

This runner donned a neon pink top to ensure others could see her and keep their distance as she headed across a field in Dunsden, Oxfordshire, on Tuesday

A mother enjoyed a water feature in west London’s Holland Park as she donned a coat to keep out the morning chill

A cyclist wore a white mask over his nose and mouth to keep himself safe while travelling through the City of London today

A group of beachgoers lay on the pebble’d shoreline in front of Brighton Pier earlier today as they defied the Government’s request they stay inside to avoid the spread of coronavirus

A blue sky shone down on central London as workers stayed away in favour of working from the safety of their homes

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky over central London on Tuesday as Brits enjoyed highs of 16 C (66 F) in the capital city

A mother brought her child out in a pram to enjoy a walk in the park in Holland Park, west London, earlier on Tuesday

He added: ‘Temperatures are coming down particularly on Sunday. They’re struggling to get into double figures. 

‘Sunday is looking uncertain. For London we’re looking at 10 C (50 F) as a daytime maximum but could be a couple of degrees either side. 

‘There will be a cooler influence that has the potential to bring wintry showers off the north sea onto eastern facing coasts. Places in that colder air will be anywhere from London and southeast to northern Scotland. The weather there is most likely to be sleet and some places could see hail, even possibly a little bit of transient snow.’        

The Weather Outlook’s forecaster Brian Gaze said temperatures will climb above 15C and 16C on Tuesday and Wednesday, and that Britons should expect lots of pleasant sunshine.

White border flowers bloom in Holland Park as Spring brings with it the opening of flowers’ buds across the country

Runners head out for some early morning exercise in St James Park, Westminster, as a nationwide lockdown calls for people to head outside for only one form of exercise a day

A man sits cross legged in the grass and looks at his phone as he enjoys some outside alone time at St James Park, London

Two men take a stroll in St James Park behind hundreds of bloomed daffodils as the Spring sun beats down on them

A couple donned facemasks and coats as they headed out for a brisk morning stroll at St James Park in Westminster Tuesday

Those who did risk a walk outside in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic were sure to sit in benches away from each other

This man rested his head on a backpack as he enjoyed a snooze on the grass in St James Park on Tuesday afternoon

The wildlife was making the most of the warmer weather as these birds congregated in the middle of the lake in Westminster

These joggers headed out on a run as they got their exercise in before heading back inside where they are self-isolating

Enjoying a quick high intensity workout, this couple completed a few star jumps while in St James Park, Westminster

The sun shone down outside the Tower of London as these women headed outside despite warnings in place that fines could soon be issued by police for those disobeying Government orders

‘Nights are still going to be chilly though,’ he warned, ‘but the afternoon will be pleasantly warm’.

He said the weather would turn, however, by the second half of the week as a high pressure system above the west of the UK pulls in frozen air from the Arctic.

‘As we reach the weekend, it looks like that air will push outwards across the entire country,’ he said.

‘Nighttime temperatures will drop to -4C (24.8F) in the southern half of the UK, and it also looks like if colder or sweeps down there will be a lot of sunshine but also showers.

‘These will form into sleet or snow over Scotland. Later on this weekend we could even see some showers in southern England.’ 

A cyclist had a break from the pedals to bring out a sketchpad and jot down some of the springtime scenes as she enjoyed a seat on the grass in the shade of a tree in St James Park

A solitary man took a seat on a wooden bench as he enjoyed the sun in St James Park. He wore a baseball cap to shield his eyes and left his backpack down next to him

This mother brought out a football to play in the park with her son in central London’s St James Park earlier today

Buckingham Palace was an imposing sight against the blue backdrop today. Very few people were seen around to enjoy the weather amid the lockdown

The Spring sun shone down on St James Park despite the fact there were very few people around to enjoy it on Tuesday

Two women walk along beside the Tower of London. One clutches a bouquet of flowers and they both don white facemasks

Weathertrending and former MET office presenter John Hammond said Britain’s had plenty of ‘fine and sunny’ weather to look forward to.

‘It’ll be spring by day and winter by night,’ he said as he gave the forecast for this week. 

‘On Monday the vast majority of us, after a very cold start, will see plenty more spring sunshine and with the wind having less of an edge to it than it had at the weekend, it will feel quite comfortable. 

‘Temperatures in many places will be getting up into double figures.’ 

The Met Office was predicting mostly dry conditions for the next 10 days as a 500 mile-wide warm air blows from Portugal to the UK with highs climbing to 4C (39.2F) above average by Wednesday. 

A lighthouse against the backdrop of the rising sun in Whitley Bay on the north East coast in the early house of this morning

This runner in Dunsden, Oxfordshire, took his chance at some isolated exercise as he headed out early this morning

A bird flies above St Mary’s lighthouse in Whitley Bay at the North East coast during the early morning sunrise

A man enjoys a sit down in St James Park after taking a lonely stroll through the centre of the deserted city on Tuesday

This couple got their day’s exercise in early as they pounded the paths of St James Park in central London today

This man stopped for a snack and a browse of his phone during his morning’s exercise in St James Park, Westminster

The barmy weather comes days after people in the UK were told to stay inside their homes unless they needed to get to work, shop for necessities, or care for someone in need. People could also leave for one workout a day.

It comes after thousands headed to Britain’s parks, beaches and holiday spots over the weekend to enjoy the mother’s day sunshine, despite calls from the government to stay at least two metres away from each other. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to the inappropriate gatherings in his daily coronavirus news conference. He warned: ‘I don’t think you need to use your imagination very much to see where we might have to go, and we will think about this very very actively in the next 24 hours.’

Although there was no ban on going outdoors for fresh air, Mr Johnson told Brits to stay at home as much as possible.

‘It is a really simple rule and incredibly important, because to protect life and the NHS we need to stop the spread of this virus.’

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