Stormzy calls Theresa May a ’snake’ and warns Jeremy Corbyn not to let him down in latest political intervention

STORMZY has described Theresa May as a "snake" – but warned Jeremy Corbyn not to screw up his shot at power.

The grime star repeated his attack on the PM a month after he called her a "paigon" at an awards ceremony.

 Stormzy called Theresa May a 'paigon' after Jeremy Corbyn gave him an award last month

And he complained that Labour had let him down in the past as he called on Mr Corbyn to stay "cool".

Stormzy, 24, is the best-known member of the Grime4Corbyn movement which helped push young voters towards Labour at the election.

Last month, the party leader gave him the artist of the year gong at the GQ Awards – and in his acceptance speech he denounced Mrs May as a "paigon".

Asked by Jonathan Ross what he meant by that, Stormzy said that a paigon is "a snake, a foul person".

 Stormzy is interviewed by Jonathan Ross for a show on ITV tomorrow

In an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show appearing on ITV tomorrow night, the rapper added: "You see all this politics stuff – I think a lot of them are paigons in that sense.

"Let me put it like this, I remember when I was in primary school and for whatever reason at the time, I could have sworn Tony Blair was this great guy.

"So since then I've just had trust issues with them."

But he insisted that Mr Corbyn will be different, saying: "I like Corbyn, he's cool. My boy! Corbyn is cool, man. J Corb."

 Theresa May is a 'snake' according to the grime star

Stormzy then added: "Don't mess it up. Don't mess it up, J!"

A poll this week suggested that 58 per cent of grime fans voted for Labour after the campaign spearheaded by Stormzy, JME and other stars.

Mr Corbyn has courted young music-lovers by teaming up with rappers and appearing on stage at Glastonbury.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on ITV tomorrow at 10.15pm


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