Street sets up simple alert system to keep everyone safe

The coronavirus code: Street sets up simple alert system to keep everyone safe during lockdown – with green card in window meaning ‘all is well’ while red card indicates resident needs help

  • Residents on street in North Yorkshire have created coronavirus-alert system
  • The vulnerable will be able to tell others if they need help using coloured cards
  • The initiative was spotted by Beth Crompton who shared the idea on Twitter 
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As the nation tries to grapple with the coronavirus outbreak, some residents have rallied together to create a system that will alert others if a vulnerable resident requires assistance. 

The initiative, which will allow the elderly and those with a higher risk of getting ill from the virus, saw residents in Ripon, North Yorkshire, place red and green-coloured cards on their windows to tell neighbours if they needed help.

The scheme was spotted by Beth Crompton, from North Yorkshire, who showcased the idea on social media. 

Taking to Twitter to share the inventive idea, the social media user wrote: ‘At home the whole street has added green paper to their windows. 

Some residents on a street in Ripon, North Yorkshire, have created a system to alert others if a neighbour  requires assistance amid the coronavirus outbreak

Twitter user Beth Crompton took to social media to share the creative idea with others and has since received more than 32,000 likes

‘If it changes to red it’s means they require assistance, shopping, medication or transport. THIS IS AMAZING. #coronavirus.’

The system will see those those who need help with medication, shopping and transport change the green card on their window to red.  

Following the post, which has since received more than 32,000 likes, social media users shared their praise of the system, with one user hailing it a ‘fab idea’. 

One user wrote: ‘Our street is doing this too.’ 

While another commented: ‘Maybe they need to be different shapes too. But it’s a great idea overall.’

And Twitter user simply added: ‘Fab idea’

Some social media users shared their  praise of the idea and one said her street was doing it too

Elsewhere, others felt the idea, while well intended, may not have been the best solution in the digital age.

One user wrote: ‘It comes from a very good place but this is not a safe way to identify those who need support. Most of us have access to phones or online world, much safer.’

While another amusingly asked: ‘What if the assistance you need is that you run out red paper?’

One user felt the idea may not have been the best solution while another poked fun at the move

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