Strict rule royals must follow before nipping to the loo during a dinner party

Let’s face it, pretty much all the dinner parties Kate and Wills and Meghan and Harry attend are probably a tad fancier than ones we go to.

We’re not complaining, who doesn’t love a spag bowl and an apple crumble at their mate’s house?

But with the fancy frocks and food comes a lot of rules which must followed if you’re a member of the royal family.

Some of them are pretty obvious, such as holding your cutlery correctly, but there are others you might not have heard of.

And it turns out the royals can’t even quietly pop to the loo without remembering to do a few things.

A royal must never ‘announce their intentions’ when they leave the table to go to the loo. Instead they must just say "excuse me" and leave.

That’s easy enough. But there’s another thing they must remember to do if they want to have some food left when they return, reports Business Insider .

If they haven’t finished eating they must cross their knife and fork.

This isn’t to stop those around them helping themselves while they’re away (we’re looking at you Prince Harry…) but it’s a message to their staff that they’re not finished eating.

If they have finished their meal when they get up to nip to the loo, they must put their cutlery at an angle, with the handles at the bottom right of the plate (think 4.20pm on a clock face).

Or it might just be simpler to wait until everyone has finished and you’re allowed to get down from the table – just an idea…


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