Student finds £1000 in pair of eBay trainers – was brilliantly honest about it

When a total stranger treats you with kindness, it can totally restore your faith in humanity.

A student who discovered £1000 stuffed into a pair of trainers she bought on Ebay did just that – when she stunned the seller by sending the money back.

Ella Gilman, 19, was shocked when she discovered an envelope filled with cash in one of the shoes. Although she could have easily stayed quiet, the Manchester student got in touch with the woman who sold her the item.

Within 25 minutes, she sent the money back via bank transfer to its rightful owner in Brighton – Laura Hazeldine, reports the Manchester Evening News .

Laura wanted to thank Ella publicly for her honesty – as she was convinced she had lost her savings.

She said: "I hid the money in the house and I was convinced I’d lost it.

"She had the money in my account within 25 minutes of speaking to me. I am just absolutely blown away… It means so much more to me than just returning the money.

"I refunded her the money for the trainers and I’m sending her some vouchers too. I want to figure out a way to thank her and I’m hoping there’s a festival or restaurant which will be able to do something nice for her."

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Ella told the newspaper of her shock when she discovered the money, adding that she assumed the envelope had been put there to stop the shoe from creasing.

She said: "I thought, if I had lost that substantial amount of money, I would hope someone would return it to me also."

The student added that she was surprised that the seller decided to refund the shoes, and glad she returned the money as she saw how upset Laura was without it.

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