A student who was bullied by her ex and told she would "never be attractive" has got her ultimate revenge by becoming a lingerie model.

Lucy Beall-Lott, 19, has recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) which can cause her skin to shred-off and leave painful blisters and wounds.

Since she was diagnosed at a few hours old, the teenager has needed to shield her fragile skin with bandages to prevent potentially deadly infection.

But she has been taunted by strangers on the street, some of whom bizarrely asked if she was "mauled by a gorilla".

And Lucy was traumatised when one of her exes told her he could "never be attracted to her" because of her skin.

However, the Art History and Latin at the University of St Andrews has recently started modelling on the catwalk for lingerie brands.

Lucy, originally from Santa Fei in New Mexico, USA, said: "I never thought I’d be doing underwear photoshoots. It’s incredible, the comments I have received so far, they have been amazing.

"Starting to think that someone like me can be associated with beauty can change future women’s perceptions of scarring, similar conditions and more.

"One of my exes told me he could ‘never be attracted to me’ because of my skin, it was very insensitive."

The teen, now living in Fife, east Scotland, added: "I’m used to comments where people have told me I looked diseased and things like that, so I was trying to change people’s perceptions.

"So when I was asked to do a lingerie shoot, I did think back to his comment that I could ‘never be attractive.’

"It’s a nice feeling and seeing how I’ve worked on my own body and I love myself enough to put my body out there like that.

"The catwalk was so empowering, I walked down the first one bare-foot, which I’ve never done in public due to being too self-conscious of my scarring."

Lucy often needs bandages to protect her skin as anything from a fall to opening a jar to brushing her teeth can cause open wounds.

RDEB even affects Lucy’s eating, as food grazes can appear on her throat.

She said: "I have had really positive, uplifting comments all the way to the extremely judgemental and callous remarks, as you can imagine.

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"It’s frustrating because people make comments without knowing me. On a night out recently, I was referred to as the ‘girl with no hands’.

"With modelling, I can present myself however I want. It’s nice to think I have these opportunities that I never would have dreamed were possible until now."

She’s now got a new boyfriend, 19-year-old Douglas Boler, whom she thanks for making her become more confident lately.

"I was very scared when I began to date Douglas as I was unsure what he would do when he would inevitably find out the extent of my condition, but he has been so supportive and understanding.

"We are more than our appearances and I am lucky to have found someone who realizes that," the model continued.

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