Stunning images show US fighter jets, warships and military heroes fighting to keep country safe

THIS stunning collection of snaps showcases US military heroes in action keeping the country safe this year.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned many people's lives upside down and impacted day-to-day life in countless ways.

But – despite the repercussions of the pandemic – this hasn't stopped the military serving both at home and abroad.

These jaw-dropping photos offer a glimpse into what troops have been doing this year, from battling blazing infernos to taking part in endurance courses.

The set of pictures has been released by the Department of Defense (DOD).

The DOD said: "This collection showcases the work of military photographers in 2020, when U.S. service members continued to conduct around-the-clock training and operations worldwide to ensure the nation's security, even while responding to the coronavirus pandemic."

The snaps include a heartwarming photo of a dad reuniting with his children, as well as a doctor treating a patient aboard a hospital ship.

Meanwhile, action shots show a range of training exercises, and even a pod of dolphins travelling with a guided-missile destroyer.

These moments have been captured by talented photographers since the start of the year and offer a small insight into their fight to keep the country safe.

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