Team Trump outlines second-term priorities ahead of RNC

The Trump 2020 reelection campaign released a list of “core priorities” for a second term that includes adding 10 million jobs in 10 months, developing a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, “return to normal in 2021,” and ending sanctuary cities.

The campaign released the agenda Sunday evening on the eve of the Republican National Convention under the banner of “Fighting for You!” to build on President Trump’s “boundless optimism and certainty in America’s greatness.”

The priorities do not go into detail, but the statement issued by the campaign said Trump will “further illuminate” the plans during his acceptance speech on Thursday and on the campaign trail.

The campaign laid out an aggressive jobs program intended to respond to the business closures and jobless rate caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

It calls for creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months and 1 million new small businesses, tax cuts to boost take-home pay, expand Opportunity Zones and initiate “made in America” tax credits.

It also aims to wipe out the coronavirus that has killed more than 177,000 Americans and infected more than 5 million.

The priorities include developing a vaccine by the end of 2020, a “return to normal” next year, supply “critical medicines and supplies” for healthcare workers and refill stockpiles in readiness for a future pandemic.

As for healthcare, the list includes cutting prescription drug prices, lowering healthcare insurance premiums, covering all pre-existing conditions, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and providing military veterans with “world-class healthcare and services.”

In the “defend the police” policy priorities, the campaign pledges to fully fund and hire more police officers, increase criminal penalties for those who assault law enforcement officers, bring violent extremist groups– “like ANTIFA”– to justice, prosecute drive-by shootings as acts of domestic terrorism and end cashless bail.

Building on Trump’s 2016 campaign theme to “drain the swamp,” the priorities call for passing congressional term limits, “drain the globalist swamp by taking on international organizations that hurt American citizens,” expose Washington’s money trail, and end the bullying of US citizens by the government bureaucracy.

The campaign also addresses China, whom Trump has been highly critical of during his first term.

The initiatives propose bringing back 1 million manufacturing jobs and providing tax credits for companies that do, and allowing “essential industries” like pharmaceutical and robotics companies to deduct 100 percent of their expenses to return to the US.

Most notably, it calls for holding Beijing “fully accountable” for allowing COVID-19 to spread worldwide.

As for immigration, the list addresses ending sanctuary cities, blocking illegal immigrants from becoming eligible for welfare, healthcare and free college tuition, requiring new immigrants to be financially self-sufficient, requiring mandatory deportation of non-citizen gang members, and the dismantling of human trafficking networks.

It also calls for school choice and teaching American exceptionalism.

“America first priorities” include stopping endless wars and bringing troops back home, getting allies to pay their fair share of the costs for military alliances, expanding the country’s “unrivaled” military strength, wiping out global terrorism and building a “great cybersecurity defense system.”

Looking ahead to the future, it seeks to launch the space force, establish a permanent presence on the moon and send the first mission to Mars.

It also calls for winning the 5G race and establishing a national high-speed wifi network.

In a nod to environmentalism, the campaign says the country should continue to lead the world in access to the cleanest water and air, and partner with other countries to clean up the oceans.

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