TEMPERATURES are set to plummet this weekend as an icy blast will cause temperatures to dip as low as 4C.

Hot air from the continent and spells of sunshine brought balmy conditions across the country today making it warmer than average for the time of year.

 A swathe of cold air is set to sweep in across the country at the weekend

The mercury reached 18C in London today while the rest of the country basked in the unseasonably warm weather.

But it's not set to last as the air flow is set to make an abrupt change, bringing much colder conditions in time for the weekend and warnings of potentially widespread frost on Sunday night.

Forecasters say a change in wind direction will see an area of low pressure from the Atlantic collide with colder air from the north.

A spokesperson for The Weather Channel told Wales Online: "Over the next few days, an area of low pressure will move from the south of Iceland to Scandinavia by Thursday, pushing bands of rain west to east across the UK and Ireland.

 Storm Brian caused widespread disruption at the weekend as temperatures take a tumble this weekend
 People walk along a beach during heavy winds in Marazion in Cornwall

"Temperatures will gradually decrease."

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Friday will be brighter and colder after early rain in the south clears.

"Saturday will be windy with occasional rain. Sunday will be colder with winds turning northerly."

Channel 4 forecaster Liam Dutton said as we move into November, the nights will start to feel colder and frostier.

He said: "Frosty nights and hill snow for UK to start November.

"October has been a generally mild month for much of the UK.

"It's also been unsettled, with rain and brisk winds at times.

"However, November will start on a colder note, with frost nights and hill snow likely.

"For much of October the wind has been coming from a mild south to south-west direction.

"Early November will see the wind coming from a north to north-west direction.

"This will bring cold air across much of the country from the Arctic.

"As Arctic air arrives, temperatures will tumble into the beginning of November. Daytime temperatures are likely to struggle to get higher than 10C for much of the UK.

"Temperatures at night are likely to get close to or a little below freezing – especially in rural areas.

"As temperatures tumble, showers will start to turn wintry over the hills and mountains in the north.

"The greatest chance of hill snow will be from North Wales northwards across the UK.

"With the ground still relatively warm, any snow is only likely to settle over the higher mountains.

"As temperatures tumble away, the typical late autumn weather hazards of frost, fog and ice will arrive.

"Frost and ice will mean morning of scraping car windscreens and watching out for icy patches.

"Fog will reduce visibility, slowing down travel and potentially causing airport delays."

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