A customer claims he was thrown out of Tesco for being OVERWEIGHT – after going to buy an ice cream without a shirt on.

Matthew Brackley, 27, believes the only reason he was ordered to leave was because of his weight,

He claims a slimmer shopper in the store at the time was not asked to leave despite not having a top on as well.

Matthew said: "It’s disgraceful. It was about 33C and I had my t-shirt off. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not a crime.

"I’ll admit I’m carrying a few extra pounds but that’s no reason to discriminate against me.

"I have problems with my body and weight and I overcame my fear [of walking around without a top on].

"I should be able to walk with my top off, there’s no law you can’t have your top off.

"All I wanted to do is get an ice cream on a hot day."

Matthew told how he was ‘minding his own business’ when he visited the Tesco Express store in Cambridge last week.

He claimed: "The security guard came over to me and was very rude to me, he just started saying ‘get out the shop’," said Matthew.

"At this point I didn’t know what I had done and I was confused.

"I asked him what I did wrong and couldn’t answer he just said ‘can you leave the shop’.

"It’s not as if I went in and jumped all over the food. I wanted an ice cream and was going right back out."

Matthew claims the security guard got uncomfortably close to his face which meant he had to ‘gently’ push him to the side.

However, there was at least one other topless shopper in the store at the time, who had "muscles and looked fit".

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Since the incident, Tesco has apologised to Matthew and offered him compensation.

But Matthew wants to see the security guard undergo further training to avoid incidents like this happening in the future.

He said: "I am speaking out about this because I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

"It’s a matter of principle and people shouldn’t be treated differently over their weight."

But a spokesman for Tesco said: “We have fully investigated this incident with the guard’s employer TSS and have concluded that no further steps need to be taken."

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