Tesco shopper left 'vomiting for 12 hours after biting into dead mouse in her Tesco Italian chicken tray bake'

A TESCO shopper has said she was left vomiting for 12 hours after she allegedly found a dead mouse in her ready chicken meal.

Cath McCall Smith, from Durham, said she was left feeling unwell after claiming to find the rodent in the £3.75 Italian chicken tray bake.

Cath, 57, initially thought she had hit a piece of bone but was left horrified when she looked down and found the mouse.

She said: "I thought I had hit a bit of bone. I moved the chicken around and was horrified when I saw it.

"I've been sick for 12 hours. I'm still a bit unwell."

Cath later posted the photos on Tesco's Facebook page, with the caption: "Please do not buy any ready meals from Tesco's.

"What I found in mine had me vomiting for 12 hours. A mouse in my ready meal."

A spokesman for Tesco said: "We take all customer complaints very seriously and are carrying out a full investigation into what happened here."

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