‘That’s my child’: Man offers big reward for little missing monkey

Calling all pet detectives: There’s a little monkey missing in Florida – and his distraught owner is offering big bucks for the animal’s safe return.

Carl Minix, of Southwest Ranches, said someone broke into his home late Thursday as he was out having dinner and stole his 3-month-old Brazilian tufted capuchin named Henry from a bedroom window. Nothing else from the home was stolen except the monkey, whose ownership requires a permit and 1,000 hours of prior care and experience in Florida, Minix said.

“That’s my child,” Minix told WSVN. “I mean, I worked a long time to be able to get him, and it wasn’t an easy task.”

Minix is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the animal’s safe return and has hired a licensed private investigator to track him down.

“He’s still missing,” private investigator Jamie Katz told The Post of search efforts early Monday, adding that dogs picked up Henry’s scent at two locations on Sunday but did not find the monkey.

“Scent and Henry are two different things,” Katz said. “He could’ve been there and then been taken elsewhere. But he was stolen. They broke into the bedroom window and took him.”

Katz said she contacted police in Davie after visiting a location where dogs picked up Henry’s scent. A man who worked as an animal breeder with more than 30 monkeys was inside, she said, but Henry — who weighs just over 1 pound but can reach lengths up to 2 feet when mature — wasn’t located.

Minix, meanwhile, characterized the animal as the “most precious thing” in his life and said he wishes no one else experiences the pain left behind from the missing monkey.

“So keep your judgments when your heart is broken and [you’re] left wondering who could be so cruel,” Minix wrote on Facebook Sunday. “[Then] you can judge.”

In earlier posts, Minix said his heart was “truly broken” without the animal.

“We just want him back,” Minix wrote.

Messages seeking comment from Davie police were not immediately returned. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Katz at (844) 411-5289.

“He’s like a child to him,” Katz told The Post of the relationship between Minix and Henry. “This wasn’t just a pet. He saved for four years in order to buy him. It was his child.”

Source: https://nypost.com/2017/12/18/thats-my-child-man-offers-big-reward-for-little-missing-monkey/

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