The appalling state of our railways holds back our economy and plays into the hands of Labour’s belief in nationalisation

This latest inflation-busting hike of 3.2 per cent comes after a hellish year in which rail passengers suffered strikes, timetable chaos and hugely disruptive engineering works.

Punctuality is at its lowest level for 13 years.

Besides the misery inflicted on commuters, the appalling state of our railways holds our economy back.

And it plays into the hands of Labour’s misguided belief in nationalisation.

That would be a total disaster. It might be hard to believe, but the railways were worse before privatisation.

But as long as passengers are given such a rough ride, the idea of re-nationalisation will gain popularity.

Theresa May says she wants to be the PM who looks after those people “Just About Managing”. Shame, then, that her Government did not freeze fares . . .

For too many, this hike was an especially grim welcome to 2019.

Khan’s insult

SADIQ Khan’s decision to hijack New Year with a homage to the EU was absurd.

Changing the London Eye to resemble the EU flag was little more than virtue-signalling student politics, designed to impress his young Twitter fans.

New Year’s Eve should have been a celebration of our great country. Why did it need to be politicised?

What did he hope to achieve, besides insulting 17.4million Leave voters?

The London Mayor embarrassed the capital last year with his puerile decision to allow the “Trump baby” to fly during the President’s visit.

It is about time he stopped with such pathetic stunts and worked on actually improving the lives of Londoners.

Focus on the day job, Mr Mayor.

Hospital shame

THE scandal of bodies being stored in an underground hospital car park defies belief.
What does this say about the state of our NHS today that we are treating our dead with such revolting disrespect?

This is not how a civilised society behaves.

Bosses at the Princess Royal University Hospital have serious questions to answer.

Sort it, Gavin

IT is disgraceful that thousands of soldiers are living in rundown barracks which are at risk from Grenfell-style fires.

Our troops risk their lives to protect this country. They must be properly housed.

Tory MP Johnny Mercer was spot on with his remark that “animals would not housed in such dangerous conditions”.

Defence chief Gavin Williamson must sort this scandal out, fast.

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