Theresa May’s awkward dancing rivals Elaine’s ‘Seinfeld’ moves

British Prime Minister Theresa May busted out some cringe-inducing dance moves while visiting Africa — prompting the internet to collectively groan Friday.

The rhythm-challenged politician was visiting Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday when she showcased a set of stiff and ill-timed moves so bad they make Elaine from “Seinfeld” look like Ginger Rogers.

“When ya Nan shows up at the rave,” @Cumminz_ quipped on Twitter.

The dance — which looked like “Saturday Night Fever” meets a slack-armed funky chicken — was done with local scouts at a United Nations office.

But the internet was quick to poke fun, dubbing her move the “Maybot.”

Twitter user @michaelxavierUK, teased, “When your choreographer says, “don’t worry about the moves, just sell it!”

Others urged the 61-year-old May — who earlier this week tried to replicate Cape Town schoolchildren dancing — to simply stop trying.

“Dear baby Jesus, I don’t ask for much and sorry about all the blasphemy and stuff, but please can you fix it for me not to have to see another Theresa May dancing video today?” wrote another critic.

Others suggested more drastic measures.

“Guys come on, someone’s got to do an intervention on May … she’s properly showing us up … Kenya, we are so sorry,” added @ColletteWalsh.

May was visiting the continent on a three-day trip aimed at boosting Britain’s trade and diplomatic presence in the country.

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