These are the signs your partner could be cheating on you

These are the signs your partner could be cheating on you, according to one of the UK’s top psychologists.

Dr Becky Spelman told Mirror Online sometimes suspicions of infidelity emerge as mere ‘feelings’ but you should not dismiss your own instinct as there are often some subtle signs.

"You might notice secretive behaviour," she said.

"Your partner hiding their phone where they wouldn’t have hidden their phone before and a feeling of something not feeling right because these subtle behaviours are really different to what your partner used to be like."

Secretive behaviour may be an obvious sign that your partner might be cheating, but there are some more nuanced signs too.

"You might also notice that your partner is being more secretive and not communicating with you, and there might also be other signs of distress in the relationship," Dr Spelman explained.

"If you’re making attempts to communicate with your partner and this is being blocked then it may not necessarily be that they’re cheating on you but it might be the case that they’re not being upfront and honest with you and this is where it would be good for you to try to open pathways for communication in your relationship."

People who are cheating can also become paranoid and turn the focus on the other person, which is known as "projection".

Dr Spelman explained: "Sometimes when a partner is cheating on someone they become very paranoid that their partner is actually cheating on them, so in some cases of infidelity what you will see is that your partner actually starts accusing you of cheating on them out of nowhere when they wouldn’t normally have suspected such a thing.

"While this isn’t necessarily a definite sign that they’re cheating it is one of the behaviours that people sometimes participate in."

The overriding message when it comes to cheating is that you should listen to yourself.

She concluded: "And unless you have a chronic, persistent pattern of feeling insecure in a relationship – and that might be a different area – then if your gut is telling you something is not right then it’s definitely at least worth talking about it."

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