Thug who beat man unconscious spared jail for ‘doing right thing’ by calling 999

A vicious yob who battered a budding young actor unconscious and stamped on his chest was spared jail — after he "did the right thing" and called for an ambulance.

Liam Adams, 21, left Aaron Evans, 22, unconscious with a bleed to the brain, a broken eye socket and several smashed teeth in a frenzied attack in a graveyard.

A court heard he left the promising actor bleeding on the floor and later boasted: "I don’t give a f***."

The thug threw Mr Evans’ jacket over his head so people would think he was just drunk.

Adams admitted grievous bodily harm but was spared jail at Warwick Crown Court on Tuesday.

Instead he was given an 18-month sentence suspended for two years, with a rehabilitation activity and ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work.

Recorder Roger Evans said: "This is a serious matter. You have pleaded guilty to a vicious offence.

"It is right you more-or-less did the right thing after this appalling incident, and you were there when the ambulance, which you had summoned, arrived, and the police.

"This was the first crime you had committed. Let’s hope it will be the last."

Mr Evans had been to a play rehearsal before going out with friends in Rugby on May 12.

While in the Midas nightclub in the town he had danced with his ex-girlfriend, Daisy Green, who was with Adams.

According to Adams, Mr Evans, had been "hassling" him and Miss Green and he attacked him when they walked to a graveyard near the nightclub.

Prosecutor Omar Majid said: "He subsequently accepted he had seen red and had punched and kicked him several times, and had stamped on his chest and kicked him to the head.

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"Mr Evans had been left on the ground unresponsive, with his jacket chucked on top of him, and passersby simply thought he was a drunk."

Adams remained nearby, and someone heard Miss Green saying he was "out of order," and should not have kept kicking Mr Evans, to which he responded: "I don’t give a f***."

Fifteen minutes later Adams dialled 999 and requested an ambulance and police who attended the scene.

Lucy Tapper, defending, said: "It is an unusual case in respect of the defendant’s actions.

"It isn’t often a defendant calls not only an ambulance, but the police to report himself.

"It [the attack] is something the defendant regrets very deeply.

"It’s something he looks back on with absolute shame and repugnance – but he did absolutely the right thing almost immediately.

"When he called the ambulance, he didn’t leave the area until he knew the ambulance was coming.

"He didn’t stay with the complainant, but he did put his jacket over him.

"He has entered the dock with a bag.

"He has no expectations, he knows Your Honour will be contemplating a custodial sentence with immediate effect."

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