Times Square bees living sweet life in new home

New York’s hot dog-loving bees are living the sweet life.

The swarm of thousands of bees that settled atop the umbrella of a hot dog stand in Times Square last week are “adjusting well to their new home,” the NYPD said.

Their apiary, nestled in an undisclosed location, was decorated with a mini Sabrett hot dogs umbrella by Officer Michael Lauriano, an amateur beekeeper who is a member of the NYPD’s two-man bee unit.

“Since the [bees love] NYC street meat, I thought I’d decorate it with a miniature authentic Sabrett hot dog hot dog [umbrella],” the NYPD Bees account tweeted on Sunday evening, using a slew of emojis.

The bees are settling in to their new hive by filling themselves with sugar water, the NYPD Bees account added.

The unit is asking for name suggestions for the queen bee. They’ve already nixed Oscar as “too masculine,” but have added Bun and Bunny to the list.

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