Timing is everything with these brilliant ‘caught in-the-moment’ snaps shared on social media

These snaps show how sometimes a funny coincidence or perfectly timed click can result in something far better than you could have ever prepared for.

From curious angles to heart-stopping moments, these images will leave you marvelling at how excellently the moment was captured on celluloid.

And it does take a special kind of luck to snap up something so perfectly timed.

Sometimes it's down to perspective and sometimes it's just perfect positioning resulting in a jaw-dropping optical illusion that turns a split-second into a lifelong memory.

From the hilarious to the downright disastrous – here are our favourites.

One of us needs to change…

Rising tide

Dressing for the occasion

Little leaper

Model-like prowess

When in Rome

Pour one for me too

Gum on your face

Quite the firestarter


Little and large

A shark's tale

There she goes

Can I get a puppuccino?

Up in the air

Puppy love

Fresh wings

Egg on your face

A dangerous game

Milking it

Not a water bunny

Deer me!

Getting muddy

I 'nose' a good joke, bro

One and the same

Feeling peckish

Splash in the face

Natural beauty


Busting out

'Tis the season…

Eyes down

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Too many arms spoil the game

The screaming bride

Taking the plunge

Seeing double

River of colour

Rising from the waves

You're so tasty

One-legged bandit

Little snowman


Planking wizardry

Support network

Fairytale endings?

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