Top Eurocrat sneers Brexit is 'Game of Thrones on steroids' because it's so bloody

BRUSSELS' second-in-command has said political divisions over Brexit have turned Britain into an episode of "Game of Thrones on steroids".

Frans Timmermans, who is deputy chief of the Commission, compared Westminster to the bloodthirsty TV series, which follows the fates of warring clans.

He jibed: "Look at what the divisiveness of Brexit has done to the UK. Today the UK looks like Game of Thrones on steroids."

The hit US show, which ends this week after eight series, is renowned for unpredictable plot lines marked by brutality and betrayal.

It is also famous for the routine deaths of major characters, often in bizarre and bloody unexpected ways.

The Dutchman's remarks came during a debate over who should take over running the Commission from the retiring Jean-Claude Juncker.

Today the UK looks like Game of Thrones on steroids

Speaking today Mr Juncker, who is due to leave his post in November, insisted Brussels was not to blame for Britain's decision to leave the bloc.

He said: "I read time and again that the Commission and the Union were to blame for this plight.

"The truth is, for over 40 years people in the UK have been told that they are in the EU, but only for economic reasons and the rest is of no interest.

"So it should come as no surprise that people in the UK voted the way they did."

Mr Juncker also said he believed that "common sense" would lead Labour and the Tories to reach an agreement on Brexit "as swiftly as possible".

Poland's foreign minister also waded into the debate yesterday, arguing the bloc should grant Britain another Brexit delay to hold a second referendum.

Jacek Czaputowicz said: "From Poland’s point of view, it would be good if Brexit would not happen.

“It’s a matter of changing the rhetoric to let the Brits rethink their decision.

“We should go soft on Britain, give them time, they are still in the EU, let’s give them space to take decision."

The revelations came as it emerged Finland's biggest party has put up billboards mocking Brexit as part of its European elections campaign.

The Social Democrats have plastered adverts across the country with the English slogan: “We don’t Brexit. We fix it.”

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