Trump Mocks Potential John Kerry 2020 Challenge ‘I Should Only Be So Lucky’

Not satisfied lashing out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey to pass time on Labor Day, as reported at The Inqisitr, President Donald Trump took a swipe at John Kerry via Twitter, because Kerry said the idea of running for president in 2020 isn’t something he would rule out. Trump also took the opportunity to refer to Kerry as “the father of the now terminated Iran deal,” which is the Iran nuclear deal that Trump pulled out of this first chance he had. His reasons for pulling out at the time were not necessarily clear to any of the parties involved other than it was “failing,” as he long referred to it while stumping for office.

In actuality, he likely pulled out of the deal because he thought he could do better, as the self proclaimed greatest “deal maker” in the world, per NY Daily News, to appease Benjamin Netanyahu, and to try to shred the legacy of former president, Barack Obama, per BBC. The fact that John Kerry was its architect, and is not a favorite of Trump, made the dismantling even sweeter for Trump, which is possibly why he keeps tagging Kerry about it on Twitter fairly regularly as reported at the Washington Post.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Kerry who served as a Massachusetts State Senator for 28 years before serving as Secretary of State for Obama’s second term, was asked if he would run for president in 2020. While Kerry would not provide them with definitive “no” as an answer, he did make it fairly clear that he isn’t interested in talking about it right now.

“Talking about 2020 right now is a total distraction and waste of time. What we need to do is focus on 2018. We need to win back the confidence of the country to move in a better direction. I think that’s the most important work we can do right now, is trying to elect people on a national basis and restore the leadership that the country needs.”

For that, he drew the wrath of Trump who struck out against him on Twitter. At 74, it is unlikely that Kerry will make another run at the oval office, and instead will more likely stick to stumping for Democrats he supports up and down the ticket. While there are no polling numbers regarding what a Trump vs. Kerry match-up might look like as Kerry never showed interest in running, it may actually be a close race. It is doubtful given Trump’s latest polling numbers showing his highest ever disapproval rating of 60 percent, per Forbes, that it would be the blowout he seems to think it would be.

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