Trump’s Alleged Infidelities Pale In Comparison With JFK’s

Who’s the biggest presidential love rat?

John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump are two different Presidents but there’s one thing they have in common – their love of beautiful women and the finer things in life.

CNN reports that former adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels has been bragging incessantly and graphically about her alleged affair with Trump. Wether there’s any truth in her sordid claims remains to be seen.

Yet we do know that Trump is a big fan of the female form. When it comes to American Presidents he’s not alone. The White House has a long and not so proud history of sex scandals which have rocked its foundations.

Bill Clinton had his own moment in the spotlight but like Trump his alleged moments of weakness were put in the shade by the grandaddy of all presidential philanderers – Mr John F. Kennedy.

History Hit reports that, “JFK had a propensity for prostitutes and risqué sexual encounters that bordered on the criminally irresponsible.”

That’s quite a mouthful to digest, so let’s break it down. JFK had a lot of affairs with beautiful women.

The most well-known one was of course Marilyn Monroe. The two first met in February 1962. It could have been lust or it could have been love at first sight because a brief affair followed soon after. The two were rumored to have held many of their liaisons at Bing Crosby’s house. Monroe apparently thought it was the real thing and dreamed about one day becoming the First Lady. Alas, it was not to be.

Monroe wasn’t the only silver screen seductress Kennedy dated. He had a thing for thespians. Gene Tinrney was just one in a long line.

JFK also had a soft spot for singers. Marlene Dietrich enjoyed a 1962 tryst with the President. She was also a long-term lover of JFK’s father, Joseph P Kennedy. Recalling her dalliance with the President, Dietrich said, “I don’t remember most of what happened because it was all so quick.”

JFK was also partial to a bit of rough. Through his ties with Frank Sinatra he was introduced to mob moll Judith Exner at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. Judith was the ex of Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and had intimate knowledge of powerful and dangerous men. She became a firm favorite of the President and was a frequent visitor to the White House.

JFK liked his women to be at his beck and call and so he was naturally a sucker for high class call girl Ellen Rometsch. Apparently she was one of many prostitutes JFK’s Special Assistant Dave Powers solicited for the President.

There was also the case of CIA agent’s ex-wife Mary Pinchot Meyer. JFK conducted a well-know affair with Meyer and a year after his own death she died in mysterious circumstances. Some suggest it was to prevent her spilling the beans on her time with JFK.

Last but not least there was the White House staff. Priscilla Wear and Jill Cowen were two secretaries whose primary role was to skinny-dip with the President. And lest we forget there was the White House intern Mimi Alford who was said to have lost her virginity to JFK when she was 19.

So there we have it. A CV of affairs that would make Stormy Daniels blush and Donald Trump shake his head, maybe in dismay or maybe in admiration.

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