Two people were 'secretly shot dead' at Tiger King zoo, Jeff Lowe claims – as he reveals it's now 'haunted'

TWO people were shot dead, burned and buried at the Tiger King zoo, former owner Jeff Lowe has shockingly claimed.

Jeff, who bought the zoo from Joe Exotic, says that six different people have told him how two unnamed zoo employees were drinking and doing drugs when they saw two trespassers and shot them. The alleged crime was unreported.

Bizarrely he now believes that the zoo is haunted by evil spirits because of the alleged incident – as well as by the ghost of Joe's ex husband Travis Maldonado, who shot himself on the site.

The revelations emerge in a new Travel Channel show called Ghost Adventures – out Thursday – in which paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, probes supernatural activity at the zoo.

Although the alleged murders have not been confirmed by authorities, Jeff took cameras to a dumping site at G.W Zoo known as the "back 40”, which he claims is“notorious cursed land”. Joe's team has dismissed the claims.

He then says on camera: “The story goes and it has been told by six different people, unrelated to one another, came to us with the same story.

“Two of the park employees were out here getting high and drinking beers when they heard somebody coming over the fence.

"One of those two always carried (guns) and he shot at them, killed one on the fence, the second was winged and landed on the ground.

"They went over to finish off the person on the ground and the initial shooter got violently ill, he couldn’t look at the person and finish the job. The person, who he was with, finished the job.

“They got five gallons of gasoline and burned the bodies.”

It is not known who the employees were or when the alleged incident took place. There is no suggestion Joe was involved or knew about the alleged incident.

The area was a dumping site which over twenty years saw thousands of cows, horses and other animals' bodies decompose there.

Jeff said that everyone sees ghostly lights above the burial site and added: “That is why the bodies were easily hid back there..human remains.”

Jeff says employees "refuse to come out here at night..bad things are on this six acres of park.”

His friend Glover added: “I was told there were bodies buried out here that they would never find.

"And without people saying I miss a loved one, they have really nothing to go on, as they would have to dig this whole frigging entire place up.”

Producers admitted the allegations of cold blooded murder are “unconfirmed”, but decided to bring in paranormal investigators to look into the spooky occurrences there.

It is one of the last shows made by Jeff before he handed over the park to Joe’s nemesis Carole Baskin because of a court order.

Jeff says Carole is now in charge of a “supercharged paranormal hotspot” with a “black cloud” hanging over the land.

He and wife Lauren also believe that Joe’s husband Travis haunts the area.

Jeff said: “I don’t know how Joe kept his mind straight by living here and having all stuff going on.

"It is really creepy. When you walk through a tiger park at 2am it is kind of unnerving anyway, but when you walk through and hear people talking, knocking, and hear things that are completely out of the ordinary.”

Jeff said that Travis often “knocked” on the outside of his office onsite and even showed cell phone footage of the acts, smirking: “This is Travis screwing around with us.”

Zak called the back lot “teaming with energy” saying “the darkness hangs above the entire zoo like a cloak of oppression.”

He also attempted to connect to Travis by using psychic equipment in the home he shared with Joe.

Soon after they detected the sound of a faint voice calling out “Give it to me”.

Moments later Zak encountered “a figure” , which he insists is proved by red light sources on a paranormal Structured Light Sensor' Camera System (SLS).

The camera detected a spirit light source again after Zak laid the victim’s hat on the couch where he and Exotic used to play with baby tigers.

Zak said the light “makes me even more certain that this is the spirit of Travis.”

A spokesperson for Joe said: “Jeff is a story teller. This is is just one of the many laughable rumors that were always circulating around the zoo.

"It’s just like the one about Jeff and Lauren, how they had a woman OD in their cabin and they buried her on the park. None of these stories are true."

A lawyer for Joe said: "What Jeff Lowe is alleging is completely untrue and false and yet just another example of his efforts to smear Joe's good name."

The exclusive two-hour special Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo premieres Thursday, October 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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