Victim stabbed, run over twice in wild brawl expected to survive

You just can’t keep this guy down!

A Brooklyn man who was stabbed in the neck and run over — twice — during a brawl Sunday is expected to survive.

“That’s a miracle. You should have seen the guy. I thought he was dead,’’ witness Dennis Maroulis, 60, told The Post Sunday.

Kenneth Robinson, 25, cheated death after he and a pal first got into a dispute with three people on the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Quentin Road — down the street from a bar holding a Labor Day bash — in Marine Park around 3:45 a.m., cops said. It is unclear what the two groups were arguing about, but more people soon jumped into the fray.

“There must have been 75 people, and they were screaming and pushing the guy,” said Maroulis who was opening his Oasis Diner for the day when he saw Robinson, 25, being mobbed.

“He was running all over the place, trying to get away,’’ Maroulis said of Robinson.

“Somebody hit him in the head with something — it looked like a 40-ounce beer bottle, and, ‘Boom!’ — he went down. His head was open, and there was a lot of blood coming out.

“Somehow, he was able to get up, and he started running again, but you could tell he was dizzy,’’ Maroulis said. “Then, one guy backed up his car and hit him. He went flying high, but he still got up. Then [the driver] made a U-turn and hit him with the front of the car.”

Police confirmed Robinson was hit twice by the same driver.

“That second time he got hit, forget it. He was finished. I thought he was dead,” Maroulis added. “How does someone survive that?”

Robinson was taken to Kings County Hospital — as even cops marveled at his resilience.

“This is one lucky guy. He gets stabbed, run over twice, and he’s going to be alright,” a police source said.

Robinson is currently unable to speak and had to use hand gestures to alert doctors that he has no feeling in his right leg, according to sister Susan Robinson, 40.
“Thank God he’s alive,” she told The Post. “Next weekend, his son is gonna be a year [old]. He could have died and left his son. It’s a miracle.”

There have been no arrests and an investigation is ongoing, police said.

Additional reporting by Ben Feuerherd and Shari Logan

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