Vintage photos reveal simple toys children got for Christmas 100 years ago including wooden stick swords

PEDAL-CARS, porcelain dolls and teddy bears' picnics are the order of the day in this incredible gallery of images showing how Christmas toys have changed so drastically for children over the last 100 years,

This beautiful gallery of black and white photos shows children playing outside and enjoying their toys of yesteryear, and shows us just how hi-tech the Christmas bestsellers have become in recent years.

Parents are set to splash out hundreds of pounds to make sure that this year's top toys will be waiting under the tree on Monday morning.

But these enchanting pictures offer a reminder of a simpler time, when bin lids and wooden sticks would have made the perfect gift.

Before tech took over, Christmas toys were well-loved, and often passed down through a number of generations in one family.

The collection includes images taken by a number photographers, showing carefree children from across the UK, in snaps that date back from the late 19th century, all the way up to the 1970s.

Researchers at the Mary Evans Picture Library recently discovered this file of photographs, containing images of children playing with some of their best-loved toys from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Featuring everything from regal rocking horses to building blocks, these images demonstrate how toys helped children to embrace their imaginations, but were always well-loved for and played with carefully.

In one of the photos, a child is seen delicately playing with the new train set he found under the Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, a brother and sister look delighted with their new gifts, including a beautiful rocking horse and a full kitchen set.

Elsewhere, a little girl gets very excited for Christmas, as her mum picks her up on to the table to get a proper look at the decorations.

These makeshift playgrounds and tinsel-lined trees are a stark contrast to the playthings of 2017 when hi-tech Hatchimals and Star Wars lightsabers are expected to be among the top stocking fillers.

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